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Tricia’s Table


Here are some cheery holiday recipes that will help make you and your guests jolly! We’ll start with a simple, but tasty appetizer to warm everyone up, and it calls for only six ingredients, and a small or medium size cooker. Hot Cheesy Chicken Dip 2-13 ounce cans of Swanson Chicken breast meat 1-16 ounce jar of salsa ½ packet ... Read More »

Staying Active and Healthy


By Oshkosh Scene Staff Forget the idea of being lazy this winter, and instead take advantage of the many engaging physical activities available in the area. The list is enormous, so we’ve grabbed just a few to feature here. To get you going right off the bat, Race for the Light Benefit 5K Run/Walk is scheduled for December 7, 2013. ... Read More »

Art Words


By Mary Wehner This is a new feature in SCENE that will explore writers, poets, and artists and generally focus on the arts in and around the Fond du Lac Area. This month I will feature The Foot of the Lake Poetry Collective, a group active in the writing community in the city and surrounding area. Poetry; learning how it ... Read More »

Fun in the Snow: Cross Country and Snow Shoes


By Oshkosh Scene Staff For winter outdoor enthusiasts (including most young kids and normal-sized dogs), snow is what makes winter exceptional and fun. While your backyard may be a fun spot for the construction of snowmen and ice fortresses, many nearby parks offer great opportunities for enjoyment in the snow. The Coughlin Nature Area features 35 acres of prairie wildlife ... Read More »

What Oshkosh Needs – “Half Empty Or Half Full?” (part 9 of 11)


By Stephen Dedow When I was first asked to contribute to this project I thought that it would be something that would be relatively easy. What does Oshkosh need? What immediately came to mind was more manufacturing jobs, stronger schools, better infrastructure, greater opportunity for downtown development etc. But after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that perhaps ... Read More »

Rohn’s Rants: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?


By Rohn W. Bishop Who am I? Why am I here? My favorite moment of the 1992 Presidential Election happened on Oct. 13, 1992. It was during the Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Dan Quayle, Senator Al Gore, and Admiral James Stockdale. When asked for an opening remark, Admiral Stockdale, the candidate for Vice President on Ross Perot’s independent ... Read More »

Ten years of upgrades serve Granite Peak well


The past decade has been a good one for Granite Peak in Wausau. The largest ski hill in Wisconsin is more modern than ever with $25 million in upgrades over the last ten years, and last month the snow making process for this winter began. Right now eighty percent of Granite Peak’s terrain is now serviced by high-speed chairlifts, and ... Read More »

Creature Comfort Clinic, LLC


By Hannah Opacich Creature Comfort Clinic, LLC provides unique vet services to the Oshkosh area. Dr. Christina Lehner is not the typical veterinarian. Her practice, Creature Comfort Clinic, LLC, doesn’t have an office that you go to; instead, she travels to each client’s home. Christina mostly works in the area of pet hospice, caring for pets that are nearing the ... Read More »

What Oshkosh Needs – “A Need for Pride” (part 8 of 11)


By Sue Panek When I began thinking about sharing my opinion about what Oshkosh needs, immediately my thoughts went to the various problems that NEED to be addressed in our community. In 2011 we conducted a local needs assessment, the LIFE Study, and we learned about a lot of needs. So, I could say, we NEED more volunteers, or we ... Read More »

City Hall ‘Secrets’ Can Be Found in Weekly Newsletter


By Miles Maguire On Monday, Sept. 30, the Oshkosh Northwestern devoted more than half of its front page to what it must have considered a really big story: the news that the city was considering an annual recycling fee. But it wasn’t much of a scoop—the story had been out on the Internet for a week, thanks to a part-time ... Read More »

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