Oshkosh’s Own Cranky Pat’s

cranky-patsBy Justin Mitchell, Photos by Jennifer Newlin

The family pizza affair that is Cranky Pat’s is now in their eighth year of service to the Oshkosh community, an achievement made possible by the significant dedication by owner Jason Baer, the tremendous staff who make you feel like a good friend, and the reliably great food.
Continuing a tradition that started back in 1955 when Pat Earle and Frank Pierri introduced their oven-fired thin-crust pizza to the Fox Valley, Cranky Pat’s offers their award winning pizza in addition to a hearty menu of Italian standards.

While Crankys in Neenah (owned by Jason’s uncle Dave Earle) has won multiple Golden Fork awards as voted on by customers, Crankys in Oshkosh was recipient of a 2012 Culinary Critic Award as voted on by their peers in the restaurant industry as a best of Oshkosh.

It isn’t a surprise that Crankys has been succeeding for almost a decade while winning awards for their food – because their pizza is outstanding. The crisp flakiness of their thin crust matches perfectly with the heavily seasoned sauce, freshly shredded cheese and abundant toppings that somehow mound up on the pizza top without making any part of the pizza soggy.

cranky-pats-2Other specialty offerings include the massive roast beef sandwich, homemade Italian sausage sandwich, a selection of pasta dishes, or the addicting Cranky Sticks (I have to admit that I am driven to order the Cranky Sticks on a monthly basis, and have done so with reliability since Cranky’s opened in Oshkosh).

Crankys has also made it a point to offer a wide variety of Wisconsin-brewed craft beers by the bottle, boasting one of the finest by-the-bottle selections in the area.

Jason Baer and the Oshkosh Cranky’s team should also be commended for their continuous support of community programming, including: area youth athletic teams; UW Oshkosh scholarships and the Dragon Boat Races; Oshkosh School District programs including PTOs, Lighted School House afterschool programs, and the Oshkosh Rec Department; and the Oshkosh Music Artist Series.

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