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Wrong Made Right (The Best of It in the End)


By Richard Ostrum Time to put this 2013 thing to rest with a few supplementary observations on some film bits that I failed to give proper attention to during the preceding 11 episodes of this column. We start with a sensationally odd little tale called Wrong about a distraught young man who suddenly and inexplicably finds himself without his best ... Read More »

The Circus Comes To Town


By Frank McCandless Hear ye! Hear ye! The circus is coming to town! Next year’s production will play out on a grand scale. Concurrently, on three stages, our show presents Goobernatorial 2014 brought to you by the best institutions or forbearers jury-rigged together. The Goobernatorial circus will be exciting, dramatic and bring together some of the best performers yet seen! ... Read More »

Time To Get Out The Crystal Ball


By David A. Hayford The gubernatorial election here in Wisconsin is less than a year away. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has begun polling, but more about that later. This is paragraph two. I will start with two easy predictions. First, there will a lot of money spent. The 2010 governor’s race totaled about $37 million, easily a state record. Nearly ... Read More »

Seasonal Point Beer Now Available


The time has arrived again for the abbey-style “winter warmer” as the nights get colder and the snow starts to fly. A now-popular staple in the possession of a connoisseur, the Point St. Benedict’s Winter Ale has returned for yet another season. Using highly kilned dark malt, dark chocolate malt, and then a pilsner-style pale malt is used for this ... Read More »

River District Theatre Presents: Laughter on the 23rd Floor


River District Theatre presents a look back at the genius of a 1950s TV comedy classic. Playwright Neil Simon wrote this semi-autobiographical play about his work on Your Show of Shows, starring Sid Caesar in the Golden Age of television when he found himself working among the ranks of some of the most formidable forces in comedy. We see firsthand ... Read More »

Christmas with the Oaks


By A.C. Kruse-Ross The Oak Ridge Boys pull their sleigh into Green Bay for two festive shows at the Weidner Center on December 22. An “Oak Ridge Boys Christmas” promises to be the areas premier event to ring in the holidays. Speaking with us in support of the Christmas show is none other than Oak Ridge Boy bass Richard Sterban. ... Read More »

The founders and custodians of Green Bay baseball


By Paul Frazer Baseball is not a religion, nor is it a game played on hallowed ground, today in its simplest depiction, it’s a kids game played by adults in pajamas. Surprisingly, except for the size of the consistence, it’s hard to tell the difference, both seem to whine to the men in blue, although the bigger players seem to ... Read More »

Experience the Magic of a Mid-19th Century Christmas at Wade House in Greenbush


Wade House historic site in Greenbush will host “A Wade House Christmas,” a mid-19th-century Christmas celebration, on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7-8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Yankee and German holiday traditions, including period crafts and games for young and old, and horse-drawn wagon rides, will make for a memorable experience. Guests to “A Wade House Christmas” will experience ... Read More »

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