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Local Music: A Jazzy Win-Win

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By George Halas The holiday season is upon us. The Inquisition wishes to extend glad tidings to all and peace on Earth to men of good will. This holiday sentiment is shared by almost all, but Bill O’Reilly’s message is: “Call it Christmas, or, well, let’s just say Santa knows where your children live.” The season has many traditions. While ... Read More »

Mammary Lane


By D. Bob Sauer To simply state that I am lactose tolerant would be to udderly understate the level of my condition. A more accurate description would be to say that I am lactose indulgent. I proudly belong to a class of higher vertebrates, namely mammals, which means that as a youngster I was nourished with milk secreted through mammary ... Read More »

Richie Ramone: The Entitlement Issue


Richie Ramone Entitled DC-Jam Records Timebomb Score: 11 of 13 by Tom Smith I was very excited when I heard Richie Ramone, former drummer of the Ramones was releasing his debut solo album. Richie has kept a low profile for a majority of the time since he quit the Ramones in August of 1987-at one time he was working as ... Read More »

Auditions Held This Month for Wisconsin Native Play


By Gwen Fabbiano “Getting the right script is 50%, and casting the right actors is 40%, which leaves about 10% for directors to screw up.” – Clint Eastwood Eric Finn of the Central Wisconsin Area Community Theatre is directing Psych; to be performed in Februray of this upcoming year. The auditions are being held this month, and Eric spoke about ... Read More »

Where have the reruns gone?


by Josh Hadley What happened to reruns on TV? When I was a kid if you missed a program you had better hope that it was rerun at some point, lest it be lost to the ether forever (remember people, this is in the days prior to VCRs, prior to DVR, prior to torrents, hulu, netflix or every single TV ... Read More »

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades


By Gwen Fabbiano The very beginnings of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades are rooted here at the college, and from the dorms and house parties of the past, the band emerged and evolved, yet still holding the importance of just having a good time and leaving your worries behind. Adam Gruel, lead guitarist and singer, took some time out to chat. ... Read More »

Packers addiction


By Dobie Maxwell As most of the locals in the neighborhood from my childhood years in Milwaukee would say, “For CRIPE sakes – what is WRONG with dem Gol darn PACKERS?” I have no idea who “Cripe” is, or if He might be the son of “Gol”, but that’s how the good folk from Wisconsin talk without officially swearing. Then, ... Read More »

Movies in Minutes: Mike and Melody’s holiday movie preview


Melody: December is always an exciting month for moviegoers, because studios tend to hold a lot of their best for last, and release an abundance of films before the year’s end so they will be considered for honors during “award season.” Mike: And all genres are represented, save the odd slasher flick...and gratefully there are no maniacal machete wielding Santa ... Read More »

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