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Wisconsinites May Find Familiar Territory with Michigan Author’s Book


Michigan author Pete Wurdock has released his fourth book, titled Bending Water and Stories Nearby. The book is a short story collection with a shared geographical backdrop, the scenic, pristine surroundings of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. “This book much more than just stories about hunting and fishing,” Wurdock says. “It is an anthology of stories that highlight the human condition.” “Peter ... Read More »

Staying Warm Through the Winter


By Oshkosh Scene Staff Along with winter in Wisconsin comes a blanketing of white snow, frigid temperatures, and a quiet stillness in the evening air. For many, relaxing in front of a wood fireplace with family is the best part of the season. For others, the cold season is a time to hibernate into the home with a pile of ... Read More »

Game of the Month: Rune Factory 4

December Live From Japan 1

By James Page High up in the sky a lone figure races towards the far away land of Selphia. He accelerates his airship due to the urgency of the mission he has chosen to undertake. He must deliver a vital package to the divine protector of a peaceful land. However, danger lurks in the shadows as a couple of soldiers ... Read More »

Exploring Neenah’s Hidden Gem


By Sherry Misener Neatly tucked into the corner of Park and Wisconsin avenues across from Riverside Park stands Neenah’s hidden gem: the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass. While the museum is located on city-owned property, the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is operated by a private foundation who cares for the glass collections, funds museum operations, and maintains the building. Thanks to ... Read More »

From the wine cave


By Kimberly Fisher As winter months arrive, and their chill fills the air, there is nothing better than a great bottle of wine. Showing gratitude for life’s little treasures and not worrying about the small stuff, like ‘what kind of wine I should have on hand for the Holidays?’ With so many wine choices today, it can be difficult to ... Read More »

Brewing A Small-Scale Revolution


By Lee Reiherzer A nervous jitter has bubbled up in the world of craft beer. With the rapid increase in new breweries has come rising speculation that it’s all too good to last. There are now more than 2,500 breweries operating in the United States. That’s up from the low point of 1983 when the brewery count had dipped to ... Read More »

The Vital New Role of Your Garden


By Carol Niendorf Do you know how vitally important what you plant in your garden is to the health of our environment? To learn how your garden, no matter its size or location, can help preserve other forms of life and the crucial role they play in human sustenance, the Wild Ones Fox Valley Area Chapter invites you to attend ... Read More »

I’m Just Saying…


I’m Just Saying... When I was first approached about writing for the Fond du Lac edition of The Scene, I thought “how hard can this be”. I mean, War and Peace was written in what, a weekend? This is going to be a piece of cake. But then voices of the past kept popping up, like Judith Kosted, one of ... Read More »

Views from Across the State


U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Applauds Governor Walker’s Response to Obamacare’s Debacle “I commend Gov. Walker for acting swiftly and decisively to protect Wisconsinites as the rollout of Obamacare becomes a disaster. “The governor will ask the Legislature for a three-month delay in moving Wisconsinites on BadgerCare into the exchange and a three-month extension of Wisconsin’s high-risk pool.” “The governor is ... Read More »

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