Sit Me Down With A Book

By Cassondra Temmer

Bookstores bring comfort to me.

This is where my heart belongs.

They have couches for relaxation,

Coffee to warm and awaken the soul

The music, soft but there its delicate

And opens up people in ways they don’t



Then the books,

The one special thing to me.

Something so small that gets me every time.

These books,

There are billions of different stories, thoughts

That fly off the page and almost

Make you look at life differently.


It’s one of those things,

You can’t hate reading unless you’ve read

EVERY book on EVERY shelve and that,

That is next to impossible.

So don’t say you don’t like to read

Because maybe just maybe,

You haven’t found the right book yet.


And if you think you have, well you

Probably haven’t.

It’s the one where you cannot

Put it down.

You are gripping onto the pages

Waiting for the next thing to happen.

Then once its over, the book

Leaves you with a book hangover…

And all you can do is try not to

Keep thinking about that particular


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