What Oshkosh Needs (part 1 of 11)

oshkosh-needs-1By Justin Mitchell

Last December, the Oshkosh Scene partnered with twelve community partners to assemble a collection of views on what Oshkosh would look like in 2022. We considered it an alternative take on the traditional year in review that often happens around this time of the year. The response we received from the community was tremendous, no doubt due to the diverse and intriguing perspectives offered, as well as the terrific job Blue Door Consulting did with the issue cover image.

We’re back at it with another exploratory question posed to another diverse group of community contributors. This year’s question: What Does Oshkosh Need?

Rules were simple: Identify one thing Oshkosh needs, whether it be a place, a building, an idea or frame of mind, a type of person, or anything else. Explain the one thing, and if you can, offer a bit of rational for it.

The line-up of contributors includes the following:

Tanya Schmidt, Oshkosh native, educator, and parent
Sean Fitzgerald, Oshkosh Common Council representative and publisher of the New North B2B
Samara Hamze, Sustainable living advocate and citizen representative on a city of Oshkosh advisory board
Jim Evans, Local Oshkosh small business owner
Rob Kleman, Senior Vice President of Economic Development with the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
Sue Panek, Executive Director of the Oshkosh Area United Way
Stephen Dedow, Vice President of the Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education
Tracey Robertson, local author and community organizer on the topic of diversity
Karlene Grabner and Kate Salter, representatives of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation and the Women’s Fund
Darryn Burich, Planning Director for the city of Oshkosh

Additional prospective contributors were approached, with some affirming interest in contributing while certain segments of the population proved too challenging to identify someone willing to put their ideas onto paper and their name to their ideas.

In the end, we finished with a strong cast of contributors covering a broad set of ideas related to what Oshkosh needs to continue moving forward and to make it a great place to live.

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