Willow Tree Pottery

willow-treeMarie Sawall runs Willow Tree Pottery, where she specializes in wheel-thrown stoneware and one-of-a-kind coffee mugs. Her interest lies in surface imprint and design, referencing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Arts with a major in printmaking and a minor in ceramics. Marie’s art is exhibited during Oshkosh Gallery Walks and at Avenue Art in Appleton.

Marie is always looking for small trinkets and bits of tiles to create interesting patterns in the clay surface. She is happy to think she gets this scavenger-like philosophy from her dad, Elmer Sawall.

Her studio is located in the village of Winnebago. Contact Marie Sawall at (920) 379-5353 or

Studio photo by Scene graphic designer Michael Hoefferle. Page curated this month by Gail Panske.

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