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New Beer Resolutions


By Lee Reiherzer The beer scene in Oshkosh has never been better. In 2013, beer drinkers here saw a steady increase in draught lines dedicated to craft beer, wider selection on the retail side, and more beer events and festivals featuring quality beer than at any other time. Considering what a few of our local purveyors of beer have in ... Read More »

The Glass


By John M. Silah There is an old question, posed by those who want to know if you are an optimist or a pessimist. The question is: “Is the glass half empty, or is it half full?” If you say it’s half empty, they say you are a pessimist. If you say it’s half full, you’re an optimist. I have ... Read More »

Extreme Trivia and Tradition: Lawrence University’s Great Midwest Trivia Contest


By Hillary Armstrong It is that time of year again, when the cold of January in Wisconsin has all of us huddled indoors looking for entertainment. Well, fire up your computers, make sure the routers and modems are all functioning properly, and prepare for Lawrence University’s annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest, a 50-hour salute to all things insignificant and arcane! ... Read More »

2014 Shaping Up As ‘Year of the Riverfront’ in Oshkosh


By Miles Maguire The Oshkosh riverfront, which suffered through decades of environmental abuse followed by a series of halting, mostly piecemeal steps to reclaim it, is on the verge of a major transformation that has the potential to remake the city’s image and economy. “This is our time,” said Grant Schwab, a partner in the newly renamed Morgan District LLC, ... Read More »

Remembering Ray


By Blaine Schultz  Country music legend Ray Price died December 15, 2013, at age 87.  In August of 2008, he appeared at the Oneida Main Casino Lounge.  Below is a column I wrote back then in advance of Price’s appearance, recounting an earlier run-in with the legend. Price was perhaps the most legendary artist Phil Doran booked to a local ... Read More »

Culinary Critic Awards: Manila Resto


Manila Resto 107 Algoma Blvd Filipino fine dining in a beautifully restored historic Oshkosh setting, featuring a menu infused with Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican and American influences blended together to create one of Oshkosh’s most unique and diverse restaurants. Rich house-made sauces compliment tender meats and fresh sushi, all made to order and often accompanied by live performances from ... Read More »

Chef Sanford D’Amato’s Life On A Low Simmer


By Michael Casper Sanford “Sandy” D’Amato is a native of Milwaukee who grew up on the lower east side in the apartment above his father and grandfather’s grocery store “D’Amato’s,” the same spot that would one day (1989) become the location of his notable restaurant “Sanford.” His book, “Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer” is both memoir and cookbook, ... Read More »

Avoid winter hibernation


By Dr. Steve Hansen If you are like many people, you aren’t as active in the winter as you were in the spring and summer. I get it! It’s not a pleasant experience to go for a run in sub-freezing temperatures, and walking on snow and ice can be a tricky and dangerous proposition. But it’s not healthy for anyone ... Read More »

Big Farms, Big Problems


By Will Stahl Over the nearly twenty-five years I have lived in Wisconsin, I have seen Lake Winnebago and the Fox River grow increasingly unpleasant. As the summer progresses algae forms and begins to collect in great cheesy mats wherever the wind pushes it, and then it rots and stinks. It seems to happen earlier every year. Now the lake ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


By Kimberly Fisher As winter months arrive, and their chill fiIt’s the beginning of a new year and if you are like most of us, we set out to change or do something by making a resolution. It may be to work harder at your job or to look and feel better. Often times the belief is to have the ... Read More »

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