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The Prince


Republicans are at it again. In their Machiavellian quest for power the Wisconsin Republican party got busted trying to finagle the redistricting process. Republicans moved more than 300,000 voters in and out of districts. A panel of three judges ruled redistricting by Republicans violated citizen voting rights. With the two-party dictatorship we have Democrats and Republicans more concerned with gaining ... Read More »

Brain Drain


By D. Bob Sauer At least three times a week I meet with my court-appointed mental health care professional. Every time we get together I jokingly call him “the rapist,” and every time, he sternly reminds me that “therapist” is one word. After we, every time, get through that monotonously moronic exchange, I’m required to spill my guts on a ... Read More »

A New & Exciting Theatre Year Ahead


By Joseph Ferlo Happy New Year! It’s going to be an amazing year for local theatre, with upcoming productions of THE MOST HAPPY FELLA, CHILDREN OF EDEN, not one, but two productions of Disney’s TARZAN, and the epic LES MISÉRABLES all coming soon. Schools and production companies are setting the bar high—and we all benefit! And let’s not forget the ... Read More »

It’s a wonderful life


By Tom Smith This month I would like to start with a big welcome for the year 2014. I can’t believe it’s the year 2014 already, well almost, as I write this. What do I think of this 2014 thing? Disappointment. I was planning to have lived on the Moon for 15 years already. On the bright side, Green Bay ... Read More »

Taking a Dream and Making it a Reality


By Cassondra Temmer  When thinking of opening your own business, you don’t think of all the small details that go into it, such as coming up with the idea, the name, the location, all the things that you take for granted when you get food from your local restaurant, diner, or deli. You don’t think about all the time and ... Read More »

News and Releases from Around the State


League Applauds Governor Walker’s Signing of Bi-Partisan Historic Building Tax Credit The League of Wisconsin Municipalities and local officials from around the state today praised Governor Scott Walker for signing Special Session Assembly Bill 4 (SSAB 4). The League also applauded the leadership of Rep. Weininger (R-Green Bay) and Sen. Gudex (R-Fond du Lac) for their role in enacting an ... Read More »

“Murph Man” – Never Forgotten


By Michael Mentzer We would have celebrated Murphy’s 15th birthday or his 105th—take your pick—on Jan. 4. It all depended on whether we were celebrating in human terms or dog years. A year in human terms equates to seven in a dog’s life, just in case you’ve never heard that formula before. But Murph never made it that far. His ... Read More »

Boxkar – Spreading the Word on Wisconsin Original Music


By Kay Halbrook  Boxkar’s fully loaded rock sound isn’t a happy accident. It might be easy to start a band, but it takes talent, smarts and lots of hard work to keep growing as a musical group for more than 10 years. Talking with Chris Szebeni, you get the impression that those years have taught him lessons that he is ... Read More »

Tweets from the Future


By Nick Olig When I read that Amazon was designing delivery drones, I immediately pictured the robotic flying things one day shooting death-rays at innocent people. I got rattled by that level of technology in the works. Was that just me? Now, I realize there’s got to be a sensible reality somewhere between death-rays in the sky and the notion ... Read More »

Ice Hockey in Green Bay


It ain’t baseball, but... First in a series of articles about Green Bay Ice Hockey et me count the differences between baseball and hockey … one is played on ice. Enough said, right? Well actually no. For the purpose of my next set of articles I guess I need to explain myself. You see I think that baseball is by ... Read More »

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