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Champagne, Sparkling Wine and Gougere’s


By Davis Wakefield One of the things that I like about Wisconsin winters is that the Christmas and New Year’s season lasts well after the New Year has started. Maybe it is because it is too cold to take the outdoor decorations down, or it might be that there are so many other winter activities going on like ice fishing, ... Read More »

Meeting “Mr. Baseball” Bob Uecker


By Dobie Maxwell Anyone who knows me well knows how much I have always admired Bob Uecker. I think he’s one of the absolute funniest humans of our time or any other time, and his multi faceted career of long lasting duration is about as impressive as it gets. He has long surpassed entertainment and is now part of American ... Read More »

What’s the Good Word?


By Scherryl Antoniadis Okay, you’re on a road trip with your best pals, enjoying the scenery and blissfully (and maybe a bit too loudly?) singing along to your favorite tune when – suddenly – your friends burst into gales of laughter. Seeing your confusion, they explain that you have just mercilessly mangled the lyrics of the song. Happens to everyone, ... Read More »

Fear and Stupidity Rule the Day


By Frank McCandless In the fifties, the myth of crazed marijuana smoking teenagers and counterculture jazz playing hooligans seemed like a real threat to Ward and June Cleaver. The threat in the sixties was pot-smoking, draft card burning hippies. By the seventies, the all-knowing elite had enough and began the war on drugs. Nixon initiated the war in 1971 because ... Read More »

Lee Beverage: Bringing the Beer for 80 Years


By Lee Reiherzer At the entrance to the Lee Beverage Company of Wisconsin is a large, timeworn weather vane depicting King Gambrinus, the patron saint of beer. It’s an appropriate greeter for a company whose business is distributing beer, but it also signifies something deeper. The piece is representative of the company’s long history and involvement with beer in Oshkosh. ... Read More »

Ice Hockey in Green Bay: How do you spell ‘success’?


Second in a two part series of articles about Green Bay Ice Hockey By Paul Frazer There’s an old saying that goes something like this “you can’t drink champagne out of a paper cup, cause if you do, you’ll have a mushy cup and a plastic aftertaste in your mouth.” It’s true, I’ve tried it, and there is one horrific ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana is a Drug, Let’s Treat it Like One


By Heidi Keating Medical marijuana is working its way into state legislative discussions around the country. Wisconsin is no exception. Senate bill 363 was introduced in October of last year. While the public hears stories of how medical marijuana can help children with a rare seizure disorder (Dravet syndrome), adults with chronic pain, or people suffering from nausea as a ... Read More »

The 2014 Sturgeon Spearing Season is Upon Us!


By Ryan Koenigs Well it’s that time of the year again and another sturgeon spearing season is upon us! As my column last month described, this time of the year is as culturally important as deer hunting and anxiously anticipated for months in advance. Trust me when I say that the excitement of a new season also runs through our ... Read More »

Spring 2014 Oshkosh Music Artist Series Line-Up Announced


By Scene Staff Dipping into the immensely popular local folk-rock scene, the Spring 2014 Oshkosh Music Artist Series concert will feature multi-instrumentalist Dorothy Zerbe, followed with sets by The Guilty Wanted and Copper Box. Set for Saturday, April 19, 2014, the show will again be hosted in the candle-lit intimate setting of the historic Algoma Club at 103 Algoma Blvd, ... Read More »

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