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Supper Clubbin’ with Frank & Stella


A Trip to St. Peter for dinner at the Welsch’s Stella: Frank wanted to have some red meat this weekend, so I suggested a trip to the Holy Land. Frank: I hadn’t been St. Peter way since I don’t know when. I know a Wagner started the place. Last time I think we were there, honey was when Ray and ... Read More »

Misadventures in Online Dating


By Nick Olig With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, work and life’s other drudgeries are less likely to interfere with romantic dinners, smooching, heavy petting, a little bit of the “horizontal wink-wink,” a hasty reexamination of Position #128 in this month’s copy of Cosmopolitan by the lady while her man chugs a liter of Gatorade, and the ... Read More »

The Bikram Yoga Experience


By Danna Scheider Bikram yoga is a specific style of yoga founded by Bikram Choudhury. Otherwise known as “hot yoga”, Bikram yoga, named after it’s founder, is fairly advanced yoga moves done in a one hundred and five degree room with humidity at fifty percent, so you will most definitely be sopping wet when leaving. The origin of this type ... Read More »

Event City Heats up in February


By Jeff Potts February is the perfect month for Oshkosh to blend its “On the Water” heritage with our Event City state of mind. Frozen Lake Winnebago is a hotbed of action this month as anglers from across the county try their luck at landing a trophy fish, winning a cool prize, and checking Sturgeon spearing off their bucket list. ... Read More »

Vic Ferrari: Turning Up the Amp in the Fox Valley


By Alysa Levi-D’Ancona  No, not one of those fancy Italian cars! Vic Ferrari. You have probably been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of them because they’ve been a staple of not only the Fox Valley but also the greater Midwest. Back in 1988, the rock band started playing a few gigs at weddings, and from there it ... Read More »

Love is in the Air: Monteverdi Master Chorale Sweetheart Cabaret


Valentine’s Day weekend has just one more option for the celebration of love with the Monteverdi Chorale performance at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center in Stevens Point. The annual pops dinner concert will feature pop, jazz, Broadway and more performed by the Chorale. Happy hour and silent auction are included, and the entrée choices for dinner are a ... Read More »

Cinder’s: Just What the Doctor Ordered


By Michael Hoefferle Steve Sosnoski, owner of Cinder’s on Main St. with his wife Sherry, is an affable man who could tell endless stories deriving from their 33 years of being in business (the original restaurant was located on Oshkosh Avenue). One of these stories, which illustrate how Cinder’s has grown to be a fixture in the Oshkosh community, involves ... Read More »

…I’m Just Sayin’


Welcome to February! It’s the month of Love, and that means you MAY become engaged. Although, based on recent findings I have come across, that also means you MAY find yourself at a crossroads, at least from a relationship standpoint. One study claims men are 25% more likely to have more pain during a break up than women. I posed ... Read More »

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