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Birds of Our Winter…


By Michael Mentzer There’s a storm on the way as I write this, the Weather Service insists. It remains to be seen if that’s the case. There was a time when winter storms would simply happen. And people would simply weather them. Today, there is way too much worry, doom and gloom associated with every snowfall over 4 inches, and ... Read More »

Censored in 2013


By Tony Palmeri I frequently ask students to reflect on how their thinking or behavior has changed as a result of exposure to corporate media. It’s always a difficult discussion because none of us like to admit publically that media exert power over our lives. When they do open up, students will typically talk about how things like their language ... Read More »

Ledger Musicians Deliver Singing Valentine Telegrams


That difficult question invades our minds every year about this time, “What will I get for my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?” Consider your search over! Give your sweetheart or loved one a memorable, heart-warming live serenade on the spot with a unique singing telegram! For the third year in a row the talented vocal jazz and choir students of St ... Read More »

Breaking Badfinger in Milwaukee

Joey - Roxy BW BfR

By Jane Spietz WHAT: Badfinger WHERE: Turner Hall, Milwaukee WHEN: Friday, February 28, 2014 COST: $32.50 INFO: Badfinger is a Wales-based rock band that was signed by Apple Records in 1968, with the Beatles’ personal seal of approval, as The Iveys. The band’s name was changed the following year to Badfinger, at the same time current singer/guitarist/songwriter Joey ... Read More »

What does food consumption have to do with my sleep?


By Glenda Sparling Fast food! Too much food! The type of food! Food sensitivities! Eating too late! They all have one thing in common – eating the wrong food (and beverage), too much food or too late at night can wreak havoc with your sleep. Did you have any idea that just changing your diet could really improve your sleep? ... Read More »

The Positive Power of Student Leadership: Tom Thibodeau summarizes theory in local lecture


Robert K Greenleaf, in 1970, developed a theory that defined the motivation of a leader as being of service to others. Now, Thomas A. Thibodeau, Director of Viterbo University’s Master’s Degree in Servant Leadership will give a lecture at the Howard Johnson Inn & Conference Center. As much as the term “Servant Leader” appears hypocritical, Greenleaf purposefully named his theory ... Read More »

Declassified Ads


By D. Bob Sauer Articles for Sale Gut Buster workout machine. Never used, not even once. $50.00 Call Sarah Lee 800 697-0000 Pit Bull (brown and white, named “Gummy Bear”). Toothless, slow eater, harmless bite. Good or moderately OK home needed. $25.00 or best offer over 25 cents. 414 920-7150 For sale or trade- Korean time-share condo on north side ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Vs Decriminalization


By David A. Hayford “I didn’t inhale,” was Bill Clinton’s response about using marijuana. That joins a long line of Presidential prevarications. Though it is certainly not as serious as the first Bush and “Read my lips. No new taxes.” Or Obama’s promise: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.” But ... Read More »

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