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Monster Trucks roar into Green Bay’s Resch Center By A.C. Kruse-Ross   On April 5 and 6 the walls of Green Bay’s Resch Center will tremble beneath the roar of multiple 1,500 horsepower, 10,000-pound, 12-foot tall, mechanized behemoths as they roll into town for three larger-than-life shows. Don’t miss Monter Jam – As Big As It Gets!   Veteran driver ... Read More »

Italian trio to rock it out in Green Bay


By Sarah Ludeman   He’s been playing guitar since the age of 6 and has been described as one of the world’s top Rock ‘n’ Roll guitarists. His musical influences range from Les Paul and Merle Travis, from Eddie Cochran to Chet Atkins and his musical stylings cover everything from rockabilly, neo swing and power surf to rock ‘n’ roll, ... Read More »

Luau, Pork Shoulder and Zinfandel Blends

Scene Pork Roast and Field Blends 005

By Davies Wakefield I attended my first luau when I was 9 years old. Our next-door neighbors, who were native Hawaiians, were celebrating the matriarch’s 80th birthday.  Tutu, as she was known, was born when Hawaii was a kingdom ruled by the Kamehameha family.  I think she had a touch of Alzheimer’s at the time but made the families daily ... Read More »

Finally a winning formula


By Paul Frazer Amateur hockey in Green Bay, High School, Squirts, and the professional Bobcats all had their time to shine during the ninety-seven year recorded history of hockey in the city. High school has survived for years with many entertaining matches, the Squirts and Peewees honed their abilities … usually first mastering the art of standing on two blades ... Read More »

The Not So Invisible Mann


BY TONY PALMERI Dr. Michael E. Mann, Director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center, is best known for the iconic “hockey stick” temperature graph. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and environmentalists worldwide use the graph to create a sense of urgency around warming. For their efforts, Mann and other climate scientists in 2007 jointly received the ... Read More »

Women’s Championship Hits Point: Women’s NCAA Championship Marks Growth of Women’s Sports


By Laura Rowe When four visiting women’s basketball teams pull up outside the Quandt Fieldhouse in March, it will mark history. For one, it will be a milestone event for each player.  Also as a point of pride, the tournament  brings national recognition to our local university,  and many visitors and added revenue to Stevens Point. But historically, the event ... Read More »

Subterfuge (suhb-ter-fyooj)


By scherryl antoniadis Sadly, it seems that we live in a time when whether you get your news from the Internet, TV, radio or newspaper, much of it is discouraging. As I get my news from all of these sources, I have found that rarely a day goes by without some sort of scandal breaking out -- be it political, ... Read More »

Aldo Leopold: An environmental legacy on the Muds of March


By Michael Mentzer It might be difficult to fathom in the midst of this brutal winter, but these are days of seasonal awakening and subtle changes that stir us for reasons we barely comprehend. I have a theory that it’s part of our genetic makeup that ties us to the way we’ve evolved as a species over millions of years. ... Read More »

Daylight saving time: Something to smile about


By Denis Gullickson Consider this a follow-up to a January column entitled “Ode to a Green Bay Winter — Not!”   Written in mid-December, the goal back then wasn’t to celebrate winter, believe me. It was to delineate some of our area’s historic bouts with the wintry elements. I sure the heck wasn’t urging Mother Nature and Old Man Winter ... Read More »

Saving Your Own Little Piece of the Earth


By Will Stahl Environmental issues appear to come in macro and micro versions. The macro issues are the ones that everyone has heard of: global warming, ocean over-fishing and dead zones,  antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten world-wide pandemic. The micro issues are the invasive species taking over your local green space, the discharge of chemical pollutants from a nearby industry and ... Read More »

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