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Spring into Wellness


By Deborah Adams As we move into a new season, I reflect upon the harsh winter we leave behind; months of freezing temperatures, feet of accumulated snow, and pasty-faced, flu-infested frowns from the lack of sunlight and fresh air. Even for Wisconsinites - it’s been hard! But no matter how long the winter, spring inevitably pushes forward and we begin ... Read More »

Michael Sam’s Club


By dobie Maxwell Well, it had to happen sooner or later and it finally did. The very first openly gay athlete to be a current member of one of the “Big Four” professional sports leagues in North America officially came out, and to quote 1960’s TV icon Gomer Pyle – “SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!” Coincidentally, Jim Nabors the actor who played ... Read More »

Mark’s East Side


By Alysa Levi-DAncona If you're feeling down on your luck this St. Patrick's Day, Mark's East Side Dining & Cuisine is just the place to lift your spirits! Since 1967, when Bill and Jan Dougherty owned the establishment, Mark's East Side has been a staple of Appleton's St. Paddy's celebrations. Participants in the St. Patrick's Day parade would make their ... Read More »

Cat Tale


By D. Bob Sauer One of the more interesting episodes in my long list of career choices was working in the kitchen at Shaggy Oak assisted-living facility. This was a nursing home that served a variety of seniors whose needs ranged from a place to recover from surgery to constant care for the chronically ill. The kitchen was a busy, ... Read More »

It’s a Mad, Mad Tournament


By Nick Olig As much as I’d like to pose as a sports sage capable of guiding indecisive minds to workplace-pool glory, the truth is that predicting the outcome of a 64 (plus) team tournament is awfully difficult. Concerning March Madness, I’m a fan—not an expert. Last season I picked one of the Big East’s standout teams, the Georgetown Hoyas, ... Read More »

Very Young Composers Share Stage with Dance Troupe


By Laura Rowe Three Stevens Point students will have their original musical compositions performed during the 15th anniversary evening recital of the Point Dance Ensemble. The evening performance will be the first time that music composed by members of the Very Young Composers of Central Wisconsin has been interpreted through dance. Emily Glodowski, Hope Mahon and Katherine Young each will ... Read More »

Carlsten Art Gallery: A New Look At Glass


A New Look at Glass  -- a sculptural work in glass by visiting artist Jennifer Halvorson --  will be on exhibit in March at the Carlsten Art Gallery at the Noel Fine Arts Center on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. Halvorson’s sculptures revolve around objects as connection points to the past and symbols of the present   The exhibit ... Read More »

The native you haven’t met yet: Sideways, the gliding squirrel


By Morgan Bongard Believe it or not, Southern Flying Squirrels (Glaucomys sabrinus) are native to Wisconsin, and can even be found in Green Bay. Highly nocturnal and difficult to spot in their natural environment, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary has just such a creature as a permanent resident.  Named Sideways, for the tilt in his head, he is believed to ... Read More »

Kandia Crazy Horse – Stampede (Bluebilly Records)


By Blaine Schultz Kandia Crazy Horse made her name as an award winning journalist and editor writing about the music she loves. With Stampede she makes the jump to the artist side of the fence. If naming her album after an unreleased Buffalo Springfield album is too obscure a reference, the plunking laconic banjo of lead-off track “California” hints at ... Read More »

Arti Gras: A festival of arts and culture


By Donna Fischer A stroll through Arti Gras is like a visit to a very unusual art museum, one that is interactive and highly varied.  With 100 artists and crafts persons present throughout Shopko Hall, Arti Gras gives you the opportunity to view art, talk with its creator, and in certain cases, touch the art.  Painting, pottery, jewelry, fiber arts, ... Read More »

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