Winnebago Bicycle

DSC_6188By Scene Staff

Winnebago Bicycle is:

Ben and Amber Rennert (owners)

Devin Nylund, (sales/mechanic)

502 N. Main St, Oshkosh


Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sat: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sun: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

The bicycle season is upon us, and with just shy of one year under their belts, Winnebago Bicycle is eager to promote it and even take the lead.

A bicycle retailer that offers an extensive variety of bicycle types and accessories for a wide range of uses, Winnebago Bicycle also offers a fleet of rental bikes and provides the areas best bicycle service department.

Owners Ben and Amber Rennert are going farther, becoming active members in the movement to expand bicycling and bicycle infrastructure to the city.

“We are very involved with the community,” Ben said. “I am currently a board member of the Oshkosh Cycling Club, working on making the cycling community stronger and more connected than ever before as well as a member of the Oshkosh Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.”

Amber added, “Biking is awesome, but having a safe and adequate infrastructure to ride them is just as important.”

While Ben acknowledges that Oshkosh has had some great bike shops, he recognized the need for something more, and in the downtown area.

“Oshkosh was in need of a shop that doesn’t simply sell bikes, but also promotes cycling culture and that is just as passionate about community involvement as talking bikes and riding bikes,” said Ben. “That’s what we are, we are a local bike shop.  We are Oshkosh’s local bike shop.”

Ben attended UW Oshkosh and began working at an Oshkosh area bike shop during his freshman year. He had spent a number of years working with the Oshkosh cycling community, and when a number of great opportunities aligned, Ben and his wife felt it was the time to open the store in downtown.

“Oshkosh is home to us and I really enjoy the downtown scene that Oshkosh has to offer,” Ben said. “A great opportunity was presented to open at our location and with a strong passion to be part of the recent growth of Oshkosh’s downtown, it was an easy decision to call Main Street home.”

Ben continued: “We’ve had a lot of help starting this business, however Devin Nylund, my sales/mechanic helps make this store what it is.  He’s as passionate about the store, riding, and our customers needs as I am.”

When asked about challenges the business has faced, Ben smiled and talked about how the first year (will be one year in July) has gone over very well.  He said the major challenge was whether or not to take the plunge into business in the first place.

“The plunge happens when you make the first legally binding move to open your own business,” explained Ben. “That was scary, to be honest.  There were many sleepless nights thinking, ‘Is this smart?’ So far, I can answer that with a yes.”

Ben and Amber are eager to continue their active involvement in the community, including hosting regular bicycle rides and actively participating in community groups that help to promote bicycling.  The shop is also planning a road/gravel race for the end of summer or early fall.

According to Ben: “Stay tuned. This is going to be fun.” ν


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