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The Humane Progressive: Creation Myth


BY FRANK MCCANDLESS Modern political discourse is childlike and simplistic.  Democrats versus Republicans, red against blue states or liberal versus conservative are enclosures within which most dialogue resides.  Political ideas are fenced in like cattle waiting for slaughter.  Each issue gets its own predefined cage, and the media carves the ideas into small easy-to-swallow morsels.  One of the latest issues ... Read More »

Oshkosh and the Second Rise of IPA

India Pale Ales from Wisconsin breweries

By Lee Reiherzer India Pale Ale, or IPA for short, is a brew that few beer enthusiasts remain neutral about. The bitter, aromatic ale tends to divide drinkers into two camps. Some love the style for the bold, complex flavors that brewers are able to create by spicing their beer with whopping doses of hops. Others shun these ales, describing ... Read More »

Mind the Gap


By Dennis Riley Remember Lily Ledbetter?  She’s the woman who worked for years at a Mitsubishi plant as a supervisor only to find out when one of her male counterparts retired that she had been being paid much less than those male counterparts ever since she got the job.  She sued and the Supreme Court surprised nearly everybody when it ... Read More »

Baseball in Oshkosh: Bill O’Donnell – Part 2 of 2


By Ron La Point (Continued From April 2014) O’Donnell continued: “Jack held out a pouch of chewing tobacco and I, who had never smoked before or chewed, took a big pinch and stuck it in the side of my mouth. Things were proceeding normally for the first few minutes as I watched the game from the dugout with the rest ... Read More »

Summer collegiate baseball can be a tricky game


By Paul Frazer Baseball’s second season is almost here. Some might call it an afterthought, those that play collegiate schedules for their respective schools. High school players are busy with their Legion or Babe Ruth teams, and those graduating players are left in limbo, sometimes with no team to play for. Summer collegiate baseball can be equated to a college ... Read More »

Square Scoops & Sweet Bakery: A Match Made in Heaven


By Jim Moran There’s not been a better match since peanut butter met chocolate. Sweet Temptations, a specialty cupcake shop in Plover, and Square Scoops, have joined forces in Square Scoops’ downtown Stevens Point location to form Square Scoops and Sweet Bakery, a brand new bakery and ice cream shop with even more sweet menu choices. Roxanne Devine, owner of ... Read More »

Watch Out for Turtles


By Donna Vanbucken Have you ever seen a squashed turtle on the road?  Have you ever wondered why this happens so often?  Why don’t they stay off the highway?  The answer – turtles have a strong tendency to return to their natal site or area where they hatched. Most turtle nesting areas are near streams or lakes where there is ... Read More »

Calling All Bands! Calling All Fans!


The 3rd Annual Land the Big Gig offers bands their shot at fame, determined by fans’ votes... Land the Big Gig music competition is now open, giving the nation’s top musical talents the opportunity to win cash prizes and a chance to perform live before thousands of music fans at Summerfest. Bands, musicians and singer-songwriters may enter the competition by ... Read More »

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