Monthly Archives: May 2014

Local Band Focus: Dead Modern Villains


By Lemmy Thru A terrific Green Bay band puts out a new album and there’s nary a word in the papers … until now! Dead Modern Villains have gotten props in print previously, even from this stingy ol’ scribe. But apart from the people who aided the project, this accomplishment has been criminally under-discussed. The trio of Keith Bouche (vocals, ... Read More »

Lessons in music and in life


By Donna Fischer When a particular talent finds the fostering it needs, the results can be dramatic.   Music students, both young and old, are finding a unique haven for their abilities with Music U Student to Stage.  Owners, Dennis Panneck and Pat Hibbard come with many years of experience in the music field and a genuine drive to guide each ... Read More »

A day to solemnly celebrate…


By Michael Mentzer  A Memorial Day observance has the distinction of being a sacred time set aside to “solemnly celebrate” the sacrifices of men and women who died for who and what they believed in. It could have been the concept of freedom or a way of life or the nation of their birth or their family or maybe for ... Read More »

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