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By Scherryl Antoniadis My dear friend Amanda and I meet almost every Friday to have a leisurely chick’s luncheon, or dinner, depending on our schedules...where we do eat, but what we eat is of no importance to us.  The real reason for our get-togethers is to enjoy a few, very animated, hours of talking and laughing.  More often than not, ... Read More »

June is Dairy Month…but not in Russia


By: Harley Buchholz It’s been more than a year since Michele Belling ended her 7 1/2-month experience of working on large dairy farms in Russia but she still shakes her head over the differences in practices. She grew up on a dairy farm near Lomira, Wisconsin and learned to respect the cows that provided her family’s livelihood. It wasn’t the ... Read More »

Bird migration contains down-to-earth lessons


By Michael Mentzer It’s a spring tradition now, more than 25 years in the making. Slices of juicy, fragrant oranges impaled on wooden pegs send an invitation skyward. Two small bowls of grape jelly and strawberry jam await visitors beneath a small cedar shelter hanging from a clothesline post. The feeders are filled with black birdseed. On a table near ... Read More »

NIGHT RANGER Rocks the TCX Main Stage at Walleye…!


  BY Michael Casper Night Ranger’s beginnings are traced to the San Francisco Bay area in the early 80’s when bassist Jack Blades, drummer Kelly Keagy, and guitarist Brad Gillis started as a hard rock trio called “Stereo.”  Not long thereafter they added keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald, and another guitarist, Jeff Watson, and changed their name. They cut several albums, shot ... Read More »

“Music Under The Stars” Concerts Begin at Buttermilk


By: BOB SHIREK Imagine a beautiful summer evening. You’re with your favorite friends & family, sitting in lawn chairs or laying on a soft blanket in a beautiful setting of hills and trees, sipping a soda, eating a hot dog, potato chips or ice cream…and  enjoying the music of one of Fond du Lac’s favorite local bands. Imagination is one ... Read More »



BY Mayor Kyle Clark This year marks a milestone for the City of Waupun as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary. Throughout the year, Waupun Festivals, Inc. has been busy providing quality events for our enjoyment and to showcase our community to others around the state of Wisconsin and Nation. One of these major events is our 3rd annual “Celebrate Waupun” ... Read More »

My 2014 convention experience…Like no other


By: Rohn W. Bishop May 2014 was to start like most May’s do for me, attending the annual Republican Party of Wisconsin state convention. I was little more geared up for this year’s convention because my wife, Jenny, was to attend too. I’m an annual delegate; this was to be her first convention experience. She had no idea what she ... Read More »



BY MICHAEL CASPER Dave Haase, owner of Attitude Sports in Fond du Lac and Pewaukee, loves to be on two wheels, and part of that appetite is what he and the rest of the supporters and partners behind the professional bicyclists coming to the city Friday, June 27th is all about. “This is the 6th year,” Dave said “the first ... Read More »

Walleye Weekend – Fond du Lac’s signature event for 36 years


By Dorothy Bliskey While up to 100,000 people attend Fond du Lac’s major festival – Walleye Weekend – each year, many have no idea of its roots.  For 36 years the festival has taken place each June in Fond du Lac’s picturesque 400-acre Lakeside Park, located along the southern tip of Lake Winnebago. Hundreds of volunteers have made the festival ... Read More »

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