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Youth Symphony Comes to Stevens Point


By Merry Dudley There’s a new symphony in town, but it needs your help to stay in tune. The UWSP music department, Aber Suzuki Center, UWSP Continuing Education department, and various music educators in central Wisconsin are teaming up to create the Central Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra Program (CWYSOP). The goal is to create a full symphony orchestra, a philharmonia ... Read More »

Butterflies May Be Free But They Need Our Help


By Will Stahl When I was growing up in northern Illinois, monarch butterflies seemed to be everywhere in the summer, and they were the first butterfly species whose name I learned. At that time milkweed––necessary for the nourishment of monarch caterpillars––commonly grew in vacant lots and ditches. We kids would succumb to the temptation to see that strange milk-white sap ... Read More »

Union Thresheree and National Antique Tractor Pull


By Merry Dudley Of all of the area’s interesting events and traditions, one of the most unique is the Union Thresheree and National Antique Tractor Pull, held in Symco, Wis. Located in the center of Waupaca county, Symco is a tiny town that plays hosts to three major events each year: the Spring Tractor Pull, the Union Thresheree, and the ... Read More »

Gay Marriage


By David A. Hayford   Legalization of gay marriage is spreading around the county. In Wisconsin, it struck like a tornado. That analogy is particularly apt, since now we are stuck with the cleanup. That is due solely to the ego and incompetence of Federal Judge Crabb. But first I should describe my evolving views on the subject. I just ... Read More »

The Weekend Starts on Thursday in Oshkosh


By Jeff Potts   It’s July in Wisconsin’s Event City and that means our   calendar of events is so overflowing with activity that I don’t have the time, energy or column space to come up with a clever introduction to this month’s column. So, without further ado, here are some highlights of what’s happening. It’s up to you to ... Read More »

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