Chiropractic helps you win the race

By Dr. Steve Hansen


Summer is in full swing and most of us are taking advantage of the weather and doing more activities outside. Whether you are running, cycling, walking, or biking, its important to understand the importance of keeping your spine in alignment for enjoyment of all the activities summer lets us participate in.


In order to get the most out of the valuable time you spend exercising, you want to make sure your body is working efficiently and effectively. Bones, muscles, and joints need to be able to move through the proper range of motion in order to exercise properly. Any limitation may cause injury and cause a setback in your normal exercise schedule.


A healthy spine and posture is vitally important, and especially critical for athletes, or anyone who exercises regularly. Uneven posture leads to uneven weight distribution. It’s common to see a weight difference from the left side of the body to the right side as much as 10 pounds. If you exercise in that state of imbalance, with the stresses of running or riding, the stresses put on the body can cause injury.


Regular chiropractic care is designed to create balance in the body and help you to enjoy your normal workout program, and reap the rewards of a consistent exercise regiment, by making sure your bones, joints, muscles, and nerves are working at the top of their game.


Research is proving what chiropractic athletes have been enjoying for decades. In a study of 50 athletes, chiropractic athletes improved by 16.7 percent, including a nearly 30 percent improvement in reaction time after 12 weeks. The study concluded that, “Chiropractic athletes react faster, have better coordination, executes fine movements with better accuracy and precision, leading to a better athlete.”


If you are participating in sports such as running, where efficient coordination of movement is paramount,  get your chiropractic check up to make sure that you are getting the best out of your training efforts. Chiropractic supports all of your exercise activities. The converse is true as well, regular exercise supports chiropractic care! ν


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