Colleen Bracy

A Creative Eye for Color

Colleen BracyWhen she found a Groupon ad for classes in fused glass, Colleen Bracy signed up. Little did she know how intensely she would take to the art form.

The glass coasters came out of the kiln and Bracy was hooked. “When they came back they were so spectacularly gorgeous, I said to myself, ‘I have to have a kiln.’ I had forgotten how much I like cutting glass and fitting pieces together and doing all that stuff.” With the purchase of a used kiln, Bracy set to work on her own creations at home. “I went beserk. I can’t explain it,” she says of her reaction to the colorful glass pieces. Bracy enjoys finding ways to mix things up. “Depending on the temperature you fire it at, you can get completely different looks. There are so many different things you can make. You can use dicroic glass, which has a metallic, shimmery look to it. When you make jewelry it gives it a much more elegant look to it than plain glass.

Working with glass generally is not cheap, so Bracy took her friends’ advice and started selling pieces. “I’m bringing earrings, necklace pendants. I did some really cool things a huge bar of dicroic and clear glass, which I curved and shaped them, melted some wire into them. I put them together with sterling silver and leather and some beads and charms. They turned out really pretty. I have sold some of those to my friends.”

Bracy is looking forward to selling at Octoberfest, and will bring family and friends along with her from the Twin Cities area to help work the booth. “What I like about Octoberfest is that, first of all, 100,000 people come to it, maybe not necessarily all to the arts and crafts section, but it is huge. I love that it’s only one day and that people don’t have to pay to get in. I love that they close off the street. To me it’s the right kind of a place to do my first show. If it works there is one in the Twin Cities that I would try to get into.”

With a new hobby – turned – side business emerging in her life, Bracy says she needs to work on building up inventory, which can be a slow process with a small kiln. In the future she would like to create lamp shades or a hanging pendant lamp, and says that she likes art pieces that are functional.

With her friends helping her create her first Facebook page for her glass art, Bracy is off and running with her new, colorful works of art.

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