COTS Hopes to Make a Splash at Octoberfest

Spicy, Tangy Treats Should Draw the Crowd

Cuban sandwiches, empanadas, corn dogs, calzones, butterfly fries, and deep – fried pickles. And something called bacon bombs. If you are not hungry after reading this far in, you need to check your pulse. The COTS booth at Octoberfest promises to have some of the festival’s most mouth – watering foods known to man. Andrew Wilson is Executive Director of COTS, which has been offering temporary transitional shelter for homeless men, women, young adults, and single mother families in Outagamie, Winnebago, and Calumet Counties. “We’ve always been in a very nice position where we don’t do a whole lot of public fundraisers,” explains Wilson. “We have a very good donor program.” 2014 will mark the organization’s first year at Octoberfest. Wilson says they don’t have an actual fundraising goal for the festival. The booth will be staffed with staff members and case managers, all serving food from Anthony’s Concessions. “They can really talk about COTS; they get really passionate about it. These are the people who do it every day.”

Last year COTS assisted 143 people. Wilson joined the non – profit within the past year. “There are so many unique things that we’re doing; it’s such an amazing place to be. We change a lot of lives around here.”

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