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Art Along the Ice Age Trail

John Davenport poses with some of his work at his Rolling Oaks Studio in Almond. Davenport is inspired by the landforms near his home.

By Merry Dudley Central Wisconsin is a treasure trove of hidden cultural gems, not the least of which are the Hidden Studios of our local artists. Each autumn these artists generously open the doors to their workshops and studios for the Hidden Studios Art Tour, allowing people a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the creations of these amazing artists. This year’s tour ... Read More »

Rolling with the Mid-State Sisters of Skate

Mid-State Sisters of Skate

By Merry Dudley I remember it vividly – a coworker was trying to get everyone to go out for a night of fun after work, and she suggested going to the women’s roller derby in Arnott. My first response was, “There’s a roller derby?” That was quickly followed by, “And it’s in Arnott??” I thought for sure she was teasing. ... Read More »

A Massive Choir Concert

Local artist Leif Larson completes a life art painting at the Spring 2014 Oshkosh Music Artist Series, which was live auctioned off for $205.the Fall 2013 Oshkosh Music Artist Series.

By Justin Mitchell You know the old rule: when you are going to have a choir concert, you ought to go massive.  Well, maybe you didn’t know that, but the Oshkosh Music Artist Series is fully vested in it for the November 15, 2014 choir concert at Beckets City Center Atrium. The fifth concert organized by the Oshkosh Music Artist ... Read More »

The Big Torch is Passed to Planet, Washatka, Dylan

Fred Sturm (Photo courtesy of Lawrence University)

By George Halas While the province of The Inquisition is typically mirth and intellectual stimulation, on this occasion we take a moment to bid adieu and Godspeed to Fred Sturm. While not as knowledgeable as some Inquisitors, it has been impossible not to notice that mirth and intellectual stimulation always seemed to be in the same room as Fred. He ... Read More »

Tackling the Brett Favre Saga


by Denis Gullickson First off, can we turn down the heat a little? Seriously. Anyone that revved up one way or the other over Brett Favre, his oddball retirement, ignominious exit from GB — or any subsequent development — is taking themselves and, yes, Favre way, way too seriously. That includes the guy who blogged his recent rant about Favre ... Read More »

Great Fall Drive with Treats Along the Way!

Baker Cheese

By Dorothy Bliskey Mushrooms, wine, apples, string cheese and smoked meats are the “eats and treats” you’ll find along this fall drive just east of Fond du Lac on the northern edge of the Kettle Moraine.   It’s a half-day road trip my husband and I take at least twice a year in our convertible with the top down – a ... Read More »

Are You a Lousy Tipper?

Tip Jar

According to a new study conducted by the payment service Square, spenders in the Alaska are the most generous with their gratuities, coughing up 17 percent on average. Arkansas and North Carolina followed close behind, tipping around 16.9 percent and 16.7 percent, respectively. As reported by the business publication Quartz, Square collected “tens of millions” of credit card transactions (not ... Read More »

Are You the Baby of the Family?

Baby Of Family

Is the youngest child in the family any different from their siblings? And is it because of birth order, or would they have been the same kid if they were born first? Turns out science has a lot to say on what makes your last born child tick: They’re more prone to obesity. When researchers in Copenhagen looked at the ... Read More »

Indigo Girls to Paint the Town Red September 11

Indigo Girls

By Merry Dudley The Indigo Girls, a Grammy-winning folk duo, will play one show at the Theatre@1800 at Sentry Insurance in Stevens Point on Thursday, September 11. The Indigo Girls are Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, who have been described by Rolling Stone magazine as “the ideal duet partners.” The ladies first met in elementary school in Decatur, Ga., and ... Read More »

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