Van Lieshout Strings Together Tennis History

Sandy’s love of tennis started when she was nine years old and taught herself to play.

Sandy’s love of tennis started when she was nine years old and taught herself to play.


Sports bring people together, whether it be practicing with teammates, coaching a group of kids, or cheering on a favorite team. For Sandy Van Lieshout, tennis always was and continues to be a natural part of her everyday life.

Sandy Van Lieshout lives by her motto, “get the racquet restrung for the customer in 24 hours.” You will find over 30 years of racquet stringing expertise, loyalty to the Oshkosh tennis community and reasonable prices at Sandy’s Court. Although she strings as a hobby, she treats it as a business.

After teaching classes at the YMCA Tennis Center for 28 years, she has built quite a loyal customer base. Sandy and her late husband, Bill, believed in the grassroots of tennis; teaching kids and opening doors for them whether it be recreationally or professionally.

Sandy grew up in East Milwaukee but decided to build her family in Oshkosh. “We gave back to the community and the community gave back to us” Van Lieshout said, “we always found ways to connect with the tennis community.”

Sandy’s love of tennis started when she was nine years old and taught herself to play. After her tennis career she taught at Menasha High School, Oshkosh West and then later at the YMCA where she and husband Bill started their business. They strung racquets, taught lessons and sold merchandise including uniforms, tennis balls and racquets. “People came back because they trusted us to do a good job.” Van Lieshout said, “We immensely enjoyed it.”

Sandy and Bill’s love of tennis and competition was passed down to their three children who competed, traveled and continue to play the game to this day. Later, Sandy and Bill decided it was time to give back through coaching and community involvement. “We recognized the correct people to be recognized; those willing to take a chance and work hard, don’t quit and stay positive.”

They became involved in Boys and Girls Club after school programs, hosted exchange students that were involved in tennis, and contributed a great deal to the already rich tennis history in Oshkosh, WI.

Sandy’s Court is a result of years of life lessons through sport and competition, the ultimate goal to being to bring people together.  Her hobby gives us a glimpse of the work done and care given to each individual she’s ever taught.

Returning customer or newly interested tennis fan, your welcome to talk tennis or get a racquet strung by the best in Oshkosh. Contact Sandy at ν

Molly Venturini is a senior at UW-Oshkosh studying Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising and minor in Communication. 



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