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Dare to Dream


By Denis Gullickson It represents great joy to this writer that the “Vagabond Halfback” scene will costar my daughter, Rachel — the very best thing on my personal resume. Rachel’s a beautiful, talented, hardworking, twenty-year-old “kid” with a heart of gold. I can only marvel at how I got so lucky. I am tickled when I meet people and they ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


By Kimberly Fisher Do Pink wines stay in fashion all year long? Absolutely! The Pink I am speaking of takes on many different styles; flavors can be sweet or dry, still or sparkling. The color pink takes on many different names depending on how it is made and can be made with a wide array of grapes across the world. ... Read More »

The 11 Greatest Foodie Cities in America!


Let’s be honest, the best part of vacation is the food, especially when you’re in a place with a local delicacy, which is often the case in cities across this great land. Whether known for a specific dish, renowned for high-class restaurants or praised as the donut capital of the planet, these great American cities will win a spot on ... Read More »

Canning Season is Here!


It’s harvest time, and that means it’s time to put up vegetables and fruits! I went to the expert for some advice for both the novice, and the seasoned canning veteran, Sherri Brooks Vinton who has written “Put ‘em Up!,” “Put ‘em Up - Fruit,” and now “Put ‘em Up - The Answer Book.” Tricia: Where does one begin? Sherri: ... Read More »

The Return of the Pelicans


By Michael Mentzer Anyone who has been on Lake Winnebago, Beaver Dam Lake, the Bay of Green Bay or Horicon Marsh with any regularity in the past few years has, no doubt, enjoyed sightings of white pelicans. Usually, views of the huge majestic birds occur at a distance, though there have been times they have floated so closely to me ... Read More »

James “Spid” Pieper – Artistic on Several Levels


By Michael Casper It was the late 70’s when I first heard of ‘some guy’ named “Spid” who was playing at Arbuckles in downtown Fond du Lac. We checked him out, after all...we had no money, and there was no cover. There he was on a makeshift stage of carpeted plywood atop some cases of beer. He was playing guitar, ... Read More »



By Dobie Maxwell I am becoming an increasingly disgruntled, formerly proud child of the 1970s. I used to think it was generationally cool to have come of age in the decade of bell bottoms, leisure suits and Elton John’s glasses, but after further review I feel more like a goober than anything close to groovy. My generation is going to ... Read More »

La Historia de Objeto Inanimado


By Nick Olig Having grown up in America, I realize I am biased in what I’m about to state, but here it is anyway: I’m still completely baffled by the way foreign languages have both masculine and feminine nouns. It remains a completely insane idea to me. In Spanish, for instance, the restaurant is a man but the library is ... Read More »

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