It Didn’t Happen Overnight

Back ProblemsYou didn’t get that problem overnight.

Most of the people that come into my office have not just one complaint, but rather a myriad of health concerns that they are dealing with in many different ways. They may have digestive problems that they are seeing a GI specialist for, as well as being treated by their general practitioner for a kidney infection. They have neck pain and headaches, so they come to see me. The funny thing is, not one of the problems they have is something they just started experiencing. They’ve been dealing with, or ignoring the issue, and finally it got bad enough they decided to see somebody about it. So they start the treatment plan … whether it be medicine, or therapy, or adjustments … and then they question why, after a few days, the problem isn’t gone.

That problem didn’t start yesterday. Had it begun just yesterday, it would be a lot easier to fix. But symptoms in most cases show up long after the problem starts. Yet most of us judge our level of health by how good or how bad we feel. In most cases the problem started as a result of unhealthy choices we made in our past, that developed into a less than healthy lifestyle and we are now showing the effects. So it doesn’t make sense that a problem that has been brewing for years with no sign or symptom, that has been rearing its ugly head of pain or other ailments, that you’ve just decided to address, should go away in a day or a week.

Every disease has its silent phase. No pain. But left to fester, barring the body’s ability to defend itself, most ailments turn into a bigger issue. I saw a statistic that said 40 percent of all fatal heart attack victims had no symptoms prior to dropping dead. Cancer, which now affects one out of thee people in this country, has no symptoms in its early stages, but still has the potential to claim a life. The chances of surviving cancer drop dramatically when the disease is discovered due to symptoms caused by the disease.

So be proactive instead of reactive. Eat well, move well, think well, speak well, and poop well. Take care of the vehicle God put you in and take the time to get checked for any issues that can be addressed prior to it being a painful issue. This holds true for the spine as well. Get your spine checked before the effects of misalignment lead to chronic pain, nerve damage and irreversible degenerative changes. These problems didn’t happen overnight. Healing is a process, and all processes take time.

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