Lucas Alan Dietsche


Propellor Fields
the whole horizon ridge
a good scan left to right
will see a line
of blinking cherries in happy darkness
so afraid and curious
true signals give navigation
these fans would whirl on forever
near the Oakfield village.
way below the gleam of moonish nights
i am now, driving myself in a motor car
south of Oshkosh town towards
those wind environmental statues.
i do not sense the rubber bumps of
wheels, only songs of lively streets.
the music videos i create with compact disk
with the fog of the propeller blades.
there is only the true darkness of town
its blinking neons
and water towers
all complete with beacon to comfort you
from shadows assaulting
that linger behind
to see fresh light in the realm
of the opposite.
is good to you.
a blanket to keep protected
in the constant war with night
in your epic battle to ever see the sun,
remember and be prepared that everything
happens at 2 a.m.

LAD 10’13 To M83’s “Midnight City”

Lucas Alan Dietsche is a poet, socialist, student of life and a wage-slave at the cheese factory. He is currently finishing school to work in Convict Criminology. He also released his third book called “Commies and Zombies” – a social-horror piece that combines anti-clique contemporary culture as well as a message of radical change.

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