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What’s the Good Word – ABSTRACTED


By Scherryl Antoniadis I recently took advantage of a perfect summer day to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes – shopping. Truth be told, I didn’t “need” anything, but as I’ve explained to my husband on a number of occasions, sometimes it’s just about the hunt for us ladies. So... I drove to a nearby mall, parked in the ... Read More »

The Erosion of Religious Liberty


By Robert E. Meyer The recent Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision has brought about a hue and cry resembling a chorus of scorched cats. It becomes almost impossible to exaggerate the hysterical theatrics used to denounce the supposed negative repercussions of this decision. Read More »

Neenah High School’s Rocket Stadium Gets a Facelift


A new ticket booth, stadium entrance and sound system have been installed as part of the first phase of the “Pledge With Pride” fundraising efforts for Rocket Stadium at Neenah High School. A new track and visiting bleachers are also part of a total project that will eventually cost over $1 million. The track will be completed in October, but ... Read More »

Emphasis on Partnerships and Skill Building Leads to High-Paying Jobs in the Fox Valley


By Mike Rohrkaste Economic progress continues here in the Fox Valley, with unemployment now under 5.5 percent and several hundred job openings in the area, but there is more work to do to safeguard our community’s economic future. This prosperity of our state and local community can be achieved through the growth of businesses that create quality jobs and through ... Read More »

Unsung Heroes of Milwaukee Rock and Roll – The Uptown Savages


By Blaine Schultz In the decades since he cut his teeth ripping it up in the Fox Valley with the Rockin’ Bones, Jon Ziegler has lent his musical talents to such combos as Transistor Royale, Doghouse Flowers and The Exotics. Yet for all his accomplishments with those fine bands Ziegler’s most heartfelt work may well be at the greasy intersection ... Read More »

The Fearsome and the Fearless


By Richard Ostrom Following an unexpected yet invigorating sabbatical this past summer, your oh-so-humble favorite local movie rambler hath returned to saturate you once more with knowledge and helpful suggestions concerning most things cinematic that might never even make it to a theater near you. Being as it is growing close to All-Hallows Eve and neighborhood zombie walks are soon ... Read More »

Program of Piano Trios to be Performed by Old Pros


By Andrea Johnson Renowned chamber musicians Wu Han, David Finckel and David Setzer will perform a program of piano trios Friday, October 17, at 8 PM in the Lawrence University Chapel. The three are known for their rapport on stage and for good reason: pianist Han and cellist Finckel have been married and performing as a duo for nearly 30 ... Read More »

Secrets of the Dead


By Ian Teal Last year Wega Arts thrilled audiences with Tommy G’s, an interactive dinner theater effort, set in the Roaring Twenties, complete with flappers, temperance leaders, and guns. “Breaking down the 4th wall is as exciting for the actors as it is for the audience. They become players in the reality of the play, ” said Holly Martin, Wega ... Read More »

Appleton Library Charts Its Future


By Colleen Rortvedt, Appleton Public Library Director David Lankes, professor and Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies tweeted, “Bad libraries build collections. Good libraries build services (of which a collection is one). Great libraries build communities.” For the past five years, guided by our community, we have developed a new vision and strategies ... Read More »

Sixth Soup Walk Allows People to Explore Appleton, Help the Hungry


By Andrea Johnson Can you imagine anything better than fall in the Fox Valley combined with warm, delicious soup, trolley rides and giving back to the community? The sixth annual Soup Walk on Saturday, October 18 will feature all of these autumnal delights from 12-4 p.m. The Soup Walk invites ticket holders to explore 16 total College Avenue and Riverfront ... Read More »

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