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Oshkosh’s Eclectic Citizens


By Tracey Robertson Oshkosh is diversifying. It is turning into a melting pot of people migrating here from all walks of life and for many different reasons. I find it interesting when I meet people in our coffee shops, at the farmers market or in restaurants to learn about their respective backgrounds and their migration to our fair City. I ... Read More »

Interview With Sam Mayfield

Sam Mayfield’s film “Wisconsin Rising” will be shown at the UW Oshkosh student union on 10/14/2014

By Tony Palmeri On Tuesday, October 14th at 6 p.m. in Reeve Union 307 on the UW Oshkosh campus, the student Communication Club is sponsoring a screening of independent filmmaker Sam Mayfield’s Wisconsin Rising. Sam will be there to introduce the film and engage in conversation afterwards. Admission is free and open to the public. You are invited! Wisconsin Rising ... Read More »

Pioneer Resort Owner Fires Back Over ‘Public Nuisance” Claim

Pioneer Resort

By Miles Maguire If city officials thought that hauling the owner of the Pioneer Resort into court would jump-start the development of what many consider to be the most valuable piece of property in Oshkosh, they would have to be disappointed with the response they received. The owner, a Brookfield-based limited partnership called Decade’s Monthly and Income Appreciation Fund, replied ... Read More »

Wisconsin’s Best Governors

Tommy Thompson

by David J. Siemers Rating the performance of politicians is a parlor game as old as the republic. The great 19th century commentator on America, Alexis de Tocqueville, noted that “without politics the Americans would lose half of their existence.” As now, political discussion in those days revolved around elected officials. In 1948, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. added a new ... Read More »

6th Congressional District Interviews


On 8/21/2014, Eye on Oshkosh Host Cheryl Hentz, and Oshkosh Scene writers Tony Palmeri and Emilie Heidemann interviewed Mark Harris, candidate for the 6th Congressional District. This interview is the last in a series of candidate interviews that included the 54th Assembly District, State Treasurer, Wisconsin Attorney General, and Congress. Republican primary candidate Glenn Grothman was invited to participate in ... Read More »

The Colors of Fall


By Tracey Koenig Fall is a magical time when we look forward to trees changing color. But why do leaves change? During the fall season, days become shorter and the change in light sends a signal to the trees that it’s time to prepare for winter. The trees stop using energy to produce food and begin to live off their ... Read More »

Muskrats on the Lakeshore

Muskrat home in Winnebago County.  Without muskrats, the structure of the wetland becomes less diverse.  Photo by Andrew Sabai.

By Andrew Sabai Approaching a lakeshore on a casual walk is often accompanied by the sound of a quite splash. It could be almost anything making that noise: a turtle sliding off a log, a fish near the surface scooting away, or a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) diving under the water before it can be spotted. Pretty much any lakeshore in ... Read More »

Baseball In Oshkosh – Howie Koplitz

1966 Howie Koplitz

By Ron La Point This is the sixth installment of baseball in Oshkosh It was in the 1950s and ‘60s when four Oshkosh High School players made it to the Major Leagues. All four were pitchers: Billy Hoeft, Howie Koplitz, Dave Tyriver and Bill Gogolewski. Had not a fatal accident occurred in 1954, the number may well have been five. ... Read More »

Band Candy

Marching Panthers

Support Your Local Marching Band! By Karen O’Brien If you’ve been on the highways these last few Saturdays, you’ve probably encountered caravans of school busses followed by a small fleet of support vehicles and scores of SUVs filled with enthusiastic parents. And no, those busses don’t hold athletic teams. From the earliest hours of the morning to the wee hours ... Read More »

Election Picks…..

Governor Scott Walker

By Rohn Bishop What if I asked you this generic question: “Would you vote for a governor who fixed a budget deficit of $3.6 billion, put millions of dollars into your child’s classroom, paid off debts to neighboring states, repaid state funds that were illegally raided, added more than 100,000 new jobs, got the state’s unemployment rate to its lowest ... Read More »

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