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It Didn’t Happen Overnight

Back Problems

You didn’t get that problem overnight. Most of the people that come into my office have not just one complaint, but rather a myriad of health concerns that they are dealing with in many different ways. They may have digestive problems that they are seeing a GI specialist for, as well as being treated by their general practitioner for a ... Read More »

Making a Splash in ‘14


Watercolor is a medium that confounds some with its fickle behavior. Paper and water do not normally get along well, after all. But for those who learn the basic techniques and then grow to masterfully arrange pigment and water on paper, the results are astonishing. Delicate and subtle, watercolor paints seem especially good for delivering that most sought–after effect: the ... Read More »

‘Camelot’ National Tour Charges into Weidner Center


By Kat Kuehl Almost every little girl has fantasies of fairytales. Dreams of her knight in shining armor charging in upon his mighty steed to save the day are sure to arise. Mary McNulty gets to live that fantasy on stage almost every night, in her role as Guinevere in the national tour of “Camelot.” The musical, which is based ... Read More »

Sunday Sauce or Sugo and Sangiovese

Sunday Sauce

My good friend Jack Cortese lived in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. He was one of eight boys in a big New Jersey Italian family. He was one of my roomies at the farm that we and 5 other sailors rented in upstate New York while we were instructors at the GE nuclear power submarine prototype in West Milton New York. ... Read More »

A Thru-torial – Booking Shows in Green Bay

Photo: Adam Roskom

There is an incredible demand for original bands here. Shoot; there’s an incredible demand for original bands everywhere. I, for one, demand it incredibly! Our snoozy little football town is blessed with a small army of motivated and well-connected music promoters. However, these valiant concert-setter-uppers almost have a tougher time finding local bands to play than they do touring bands. ... Read More »

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