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The Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhood Initiative was approved by Common Council members in June of this year. The initiative is intended to further the goal identified within the City’s Strategic Plan to strengthen neighborhoods. Prior to the initiative’s approval the City of Oshkosh has actively encouraged creation of neighborhood associations to bring residents together to develop a vision and actions to enhance, preserve or revitalize their neighborhood. Currently nine neighborhoods have completed the steps to become formally recognized neighborhood associations.

Middle Village is bounded by W. Irving Avenue, N. Main Street, Church Avenue and Jackson Street and is the first neighborhood to gain access to the new programs being offered under the Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhood Initiative. The Middle Village Neighborhood Plan, created during a yearlong resident led planning process, was prepared to identify challenges and promote reinvestment in the neighborhood. The plan is a vital component being used by the Middle Village Neighborhood Association, City of Oshkosh, and partner organizations to direct action to meet the needs identified by residents.

The Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhood Initiative will provide necessary tools for neighborhood associations to be an active partner in the implementation of their plan. Neighborhood residents promote programs ranging from $5,000 forgivable homebuyer assistance grants to 0% interest rehabilitation loans. There is even a program that installs exterior porch lights to increase safety and lighting in partner neighborhoods. All programs are designed to improve quality of life, promote homeownership, enhance curb appeal and protect equity.

Momentum is building and signs of change are already occurring in Middle Village. As part of the planning process, residents worked with City staff to discuss a major road reconstruction project. Residents requested traffic calming features to reduce speeding and wider terraces to provide additional green space to accommodate terrace trees, all of which are currently being implemented. Installation of two neighborhood green spaces will provide residents a safe place to play and access to a community garden. These improvements are just a few currently under way to restore confidence among existing property owners and help attract new homeowners willing to invest in the future of Middle Village. Continued efforts by engaged residents will make all of the difference as Middle Village rebrands itself as a Healthy Neighborhood of Choice.

Residents interested in pursuing efforts or programs currently being offered in Middle Village and other partner neighborhoods should contact Planning Services at 920-236-5059 or

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