Ki to Health: An Alternative Practice Finds a Home in Oshkosh

By Will Stahl

More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the methods of standard Western medicine, and they are looking for alternatives to the “take pills” style of healing.

Courtney Cowie

Courtney Cowie

Courtney Cowie was one of those people. After an early career as an endurance athlete and undergraduate training as a geological engineer, she took an M. A. in Japan Studies and found herself in that country working on projects for the department of defense. Courtney’s own struggles with health concerns following her years of athletic training led her to trying Chinese medicine while living abroad in Japan.

Through a Japanese friend, Courtney met a traditional Chinese healer and herbalist and found his treatments very effective. She became fascinated with the practice and wanted to learn more about it.

Back in the US, Courtney chose to train at the East-West Healing Arts Institute in Madison as a massage therapist in the Chinese tradition. She began her practice in Neenah in the offices of Align Chiropractic and in August moved to her own space in one of Oshkosh’s big, solid and quiet old buildings. Large windows make it bright and inviting with a view of the river and much of the city.

Most of her client recruitment is by word-of-mouth. When she evaluates new clients, she finds that 70-80% have very specific pain issues and have previously seen a chiropractor or physical therapist. Most get some measure of relief.

Courtney’s practice is a holistic approach, based on traditional Chinese concepts that take into account other factors beyond the immediate complaint, such as sleep patterns, digestion and stress levels. In her massage therapy, she works with the same pressure points as acupuncture, using methods and herbs proved over thousands of years.

“Ki,” pronounced “key,” is the Japanese version of the Chinese “Chi,” the life energy that flows through all living things. Ki to Health brings that deep knowledge to those of us here in the greater Fox Valley who have pain and discomfort that our usual doctors have been unable to heal.

If someone in your life has unresolved pain issues or is simply looking to be healthier, Ki to Health gift certificates are available. Contact Courtney by phone: 920-460-0229, by e-mail at or by mail at 404 North Main St., Suite 505, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901. Gift certificates can be picked up in person, e-mailed or mailed.

Initial one-hour session costs $65, 90 minutes is $95, and 30 minutes is $40


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