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Game of the Month: Wasteland 2


By James Page Developer: InXile Entertainment ESRB: Mature Release Date: 09/19/2014 System: PC/Mac/Linux Rating: Graphics: 3.0 out of 4.0 Game Play: 3.5 out of 4.0 Personal: 2.0 out of 2.0 Total Score: 8.5 out of 10.0 Welcome to the barren wasteland of Arizona. Although there was never much in the southwestern deserts of this state, even less remains in modern ... Read More »

Privilege – Real or Imaginary?


BY JANINE WRIGHT English is a hard language to learn and understand; many words have multiple meanings. Privilege is one of those words. Sometimes it means an honor, such as, “It is a privilege to meet you.” Other times it means having common rights, such as, “It is a privilege to be an American.” Yet, neither of those meanings covers ... Read More »

Celebrating Introverts

J.K. Rowling introvert and writer of wizards

BY Lauri Ann Lumby There was a recent post on Facebook which stated the following: Introverts Unite. We’re Here. We’re Uncomfortable. We can’t wait to go home. These sentiments perfectly describe the inner thoughts, experiences and feelings of an introvert. Introversion is a personality trait defined by Carl Jung and describes those who tend to be inward turning – focusing ... Read More »

Ki to Health: An Alternative Practice Finds a Home in Oshkosh


By Will Stahl More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the methods of standard Western medicine, and they are looking for alternatives to the “take pills” style of healing. Courtney Cowie was one of those people. After an early career as an endurance athlete and undergraduate training as a geological engineer, she took an M. A. in Japan Studies ... Read More »

Jonapalooza Rocks!

Smooth Operators

By George Halas The Inquisition begins this month with an expression of gratitude to The Universe for allowing participation in something that greatly transcends the usual fabulousness of this column and is generating a significant amount of positive energy throughout the greater Fox cities area and beyond. If metaphysics is not your thang, howzabout fun and good times in the ... Read More »

Always Right

Left Handed Day

By D. Bob Sauer A fundamental part of the human condition which enables us to physically manipulate things is our handedness––as in being right handed. The right side of our bodies, including internal and external appendages, is inherently designated to be the dominant side. For example, your right arm is stronger and more nimble than your left; your right leg ... Read More »

‘A Frank’s Christmas at H.C. Prange’s’

A Frank's Christmas

The animatronics of Prange’s return to life this Christmas Opening night Friday, November 21, is a fundraiser for the Neville Public Museum with $10 of every ticket going to the Neville. In addition, Friday, November 28, is a fundraiser for the CP Center with $10 of every paid ticket going to this deserving charity. The Meyer Theatre and Diamonds and ... Read More »

Students Explore River History for Light Display Project

Film Strip

By Barb Sauer What are your earliest impressions of history? Can you imagine seeing it through the eyes of a child? If you are like me, as you’ve aged, so has your appreciation for history, and it makes you wonder––“is it because I’m now part of it?” I enjoy the nostalgia of walking down memory lane when I read the ... Read More »

Gallery Nite is a must for art enthusiasts


BY DONNA FISCHER Glass jewelry. Photography. Still life paintings. Ceramics. Artists are busy creating their works in our community day in and day out, yet most of us find it hard to stop and appreciate what they’ve done. Gallery Nite is an event designed to help folks find their neighborhood artists, and enjoy an evening socializing with other art enthusiasts. ... Read More »

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck…

During hibernation their heart will beat an average of four times a minute, and will inhale once per minute.  In addition, their body
temperature drops down to about 34 degrees.

By Morgan Bongard The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a new resident. In July of this year, Bobbie, a first-year juvenile woodchuck, was found by animal control, dragging his back legs alongside a grassy field. After an examination, the sanctuary believes that Bobbie had been hit by a car. It was also determined that Bobbie had sustained internal ... Read More »

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