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Calling-up the spirit of Fred E. Hulbert

Fred Hulbert (third row, far left) can’t be misidentified or unappreciated any longer. He’s the guy who started the first football team and organized the first football game ever seen in Titletown. Every fan at Lambeau Field on Game Day should offer a simple prayer of gratitude in Hulbert’s name.
Photo courtesy of Elton Cleveland.

By Denis Gullickson The timing couldn’t be better. After all, we’ve just passed Halloween and plowed through All Saints and All Souls Days. (The latter suggesting that there’s hope for a few of us to slip into our eternal reward under that catch-all category.) Far less-morbid is the upcoming, first-ever, Green Bay Football History Event set for Saturday, November 8 ... Read More »

Healthy Neighborhood Initiative


BY Scene Staff The Oshkosh Healthy Neighborhood Initiative was approved by Common Council members in June of this year. The initiative is intended to further the goal identified within the City’s Strategic Plan to strengthen neighborhoods. Prior to the initiative’s approval the City of Oshkosh has actively encouraged creation of neighborhood associations to bring residents together to develop a vision ... Read More »

1,000 New Jobs? Goal May Be Closer Than It Looks


BY Miles Maguire The front-page headline in the Oshkosh Northwestern back in August was dramatic—the new nonprofit organization formed to improve the local business climate, the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corp., had set a goal of creating 1,000 jobs over the next three years. When, in early October, Oshkosh Corp. announced that it would be cutting somewhere between 300 and ... Read More »

Ebola, football and U2 (again)


By Tom Smith Much has happened in the last thirty days. Bono has apologized for the mass intrusion of U2’s latest album on everyone’s Apple device. My sources in the Pentagon tell me Bono’s apology was brought on by my column last month in the Scene. You may ask what the Pentagon has to do with U2. Trust me, the ... Read More »

Campaign 2014’s Biggest Loser: Debate

Mary Burke and Scott Walker

BY TONY PALMERI Friday night in Wisconsin means fish fry, brandy old-fashioned happy hour, family gathering, dinner and a movie, party after a long week of work, high school sports, and just about anything other than potentially depressing political discussion. Even citizens deeply engaged in elections have Friday night lives. So why did the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA), the establishment ... Read More »

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