Why You Should Want to Show Your ID

Voters in Iraq in 2005 showed off their purple-stained fingers to prove they had voted in the election.

Voters in Iraq in 2005 showed off their purple-stained fingers to prove they had voted in the election.

BY Rohn Bishop

It’s a question we get asked often in our daily lives, and it’s a question Republicans want asked at the polls, whereas Democrats don’t want it asked.

So why are liberal Democrats so strongly opposed to having to show a photo ID to vote?

Is it that Democrats think voting is not nearly as important as driving, buying cigarettes, beer, Sudafed, renting a car, buying a smart phone, hooking up for cable TV, getting a library card, signing up for welfare, Social Security or Medicare? Is it that Democrats think voting is not nearly as important as writing a check, using a credit card, getting a job, cashing a check, getting on a plane, renting a U-haul, or entering a government building? Is voting really not as important to Democrats as picking up a prize by being the right caller to a radio station?

These are tasks everyone does, and they are all tasks for which you need a photo ID, thus demonstrating one’s need for a photo ID to be a functioning member of society.

So isn’t it practical that we would need to show our ID in order to vote?

As Americans, we believe voting is our God-given constitutional right to determine self governance, by electing people who can tax us, regulate us, send us to war, defend us, determine our kids educational standards, local parking ordinances, garbage fees, environmental regulations, etc.

We believe that whether we win or lose an election, we’d like to know that the election was won fair and square and that our vote wasn’t canceled out by a fraudulent vote elsewhere.

This is why Voter ID is seen as a commonsense law supported by close to 67% of Wisconsinites.

Despite overwhelming polling data in support of an ID law, the entire Democrat establishment opposes a Voter ID law.
All of which makes me wonder, why?

Why would the entire liberal Democrat establishment be opposed to showing an ID to vote, a law that’s supported by two-thirds of Wisconsinites?

Do Democrats really believe that voting isn’t that important?

Or is the answer that some people in the Democrat party cheat?

A Bit of History
My grandfather was a precinct committeeman in Illinois during the 1960s and 1970s, and one thing I learned growing up is that Democrats cheat at elections, especially in Cook County, most famously stealing Illinois for Kennedy in 1960.

In 2000, supporters of Al Gore were caught in Milwaukee supplying homeless people with packs of cigarettes and then giving rides to these people so they could pick up their absentee ballots in Milwaukee. Marquette students were caught openly voting multiple times.

If one reads the Milwaukee Police Department’s “Report of the Investigation into the November 2, 2004, General Election in the City of Milwaukee,” you’ll read about wards with more votes than voters; you’ll read that when postcards are sent to addresses of registered voters, they are returned as undeliverable; you’ll read about double voting and felons voting; and you’ll read the report’s recommendation in favor of a Voter ID law.

The MPD report on the 2004 election still doesn’t deter Democrats from their full-throated opposition to the law, because it’s more important that a homeless guy in Madison can read his name off an index card and then vote his straight Democrat ticket in exchange for free booze from Graeme Zielinski.

I suppose it’s more important that union-funded groups can rent vans, pick up vagrants from Chicago and bring them to Racine and Kenosha so they can vote their straight Democrat ticket in exchange for smokes or cash.

I suppose it’s more important that liberal third-party groups be able to register non-voters to vote so that others can vote in that person’s name on Election Day. A pretty simple trick when no ID is required.

I suppose it’s more important to Democrats that both political parties spend millions on lawyers so Wisconsin’s elections resemble that of a banana republic.

I watched Iraq’s elections in 2005 as people showed off their purple-stained finger and thought, “If they can have a clean election, why can’t we?”

Something to Consider
Democrats claim that Voter ID laws are racist and meant to keep poor black people from voting, which begs the question, “How?”

Was Governor Jim Doyle a racist when he signed a law requiring a Photo ID to buy allergy medicine? Is Mayor Tom Barrett a racist for asking for an ID in order to get a Milwaukee Library Card? Do inner-city blacks not buy medicine, beer and cigarettes? Don’t they ever travel?

The law that Scott Walker signed even has a provision for free IDs for those who claim a hardship.

In the first gubernatorial debate this year, Mary Burke claimed that some 300,000 Wisconsinites will be unable to vote due to lack of a photo ID. This claim is just false. The mainstream news media, lead by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, have been searching high and low for people who would be disenfranchised, and by my count they found a grand total of zero.

The Democrat opposition to this law has nothing to do with protecting the integrity of the vote, but everything to do with their voter fraud operations that they’re famous for.

This law has nothing to do with deterring voters; it has everything to do with deterring illegal voters. I want my vote to count. Many brave Americans have fought and died to give me that vote, and I take it very seriously. Yes, I’m partisan. Yes, I have very strong beliefs and opinions. And that vote that I cast, and those other votes that I volunteer countless hours to earn in favor of my candidate, are also important, and I want them to count. And I want your vote to count, too.

Clean and fair elections should be a bipartisan goal.

Wisconsin wouldn’t be alone in this effort, as some 30 states already require a photo ID to vote.

Voting in America shouldn’t be this complicated. One person. One vote.

Rohn Bishop is a former member of the Waupun City Council and currently serves as Treasurer for the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County. He is available via email at, or follow him on Twitter @RohnWBishop.

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