Around the Bay

Curated by Erin Heiling

Excerpts from Around the Bay by Gary C. Busha

Large wet snowflakes fall
upon neatly stacked cordwood
and litter of mice.

Days like confetti
shredded papers calendars
picked up by sweepers.

The willow branches
Like skeleton fingers
Clack against themselves.

Caught lying again
The old may gets the paddle
Another sore hinder.

Peanut butter sandwich
apple and fig newton bar
all in the lunchbox.

Trudging through the snow
aching legs and frozen toes
Wisconsin winter.

Winnebago ice
Boys slap a soup can puck
playing ice hockey.
Late winter morning
the boy becomes detective:
The red cardinal
sings from a white snowbank
on a blue morning.
Pure white snow covers
all that’s ugly in the world

Originally from Oshkosh, Gary C. Busha is a long time editor and publisher. Educated at UW-Oshkosh and UW-Eau Claire with an MA in English, he has been involved in the small press in Wisconsin since the early 1970’s. Busha ’s work has appeared in a few noteworthy magazines and journals, including The Writer’s Almanac.

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