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Merry Christmas! I’m still here, and so is Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

BY ROHN BISHOP Can you believe it’s been a year? A year ago, in the very first edition of “Rohn’s Rants,” I introduced myself to you with a quote from Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot’s running mate during the 1992 campaign for president, who during the Vice Presidential Debate, famously asked, “Who am I, and Why am I here?” Well, ... Read More »

Making Merry at the Museum


BY ERIN HEILING Just in time to collect ideas for your after-Thanksgiving holiday decorating, the Oshkosh Public Museum will host its second annual Deck the Halls exhibition, which will run from November 23, 2014 through January 11, 2015. Visitors are invited to stroll through the halls of the historic Sawyer home to view the beautiful recreated Victorian holiday decorations. Each ... Read More »

Zen Cancer Wisdom: A Book About More Than Dying


By Daju Suzanne Friedman,Wisdom Publications, 2014 By John Price Daju Suzanne Friedman, a Zen priest, Dharma teacher and teacher of Chinese medicine and qigong Master, died after a prolonged experience with cancer, in March 2014. This book is her testimonial. While any well-written book about dying evokes pathos, this book does so much more than that. The book is a ... Read More »

Elections Have (Impermanent) Consequences


By Robert E. Meyer The public and pundits alike tend to read too much into the results of a particular election because society has fallen for the romantic notion that the culture can be perfected and social problems can be solved solely through the political process. From a theological perspective, when this position becomes an organized ideology, it is referred ... Read More »

Fred Leist


By Ron La Point This story was previously written in the book: Oshkosh: The Way We Were. It is included here to honor Fred Leist on his 98th birthday. With an uneasiness that often comes when speaking before a gathering of former teachers, I sent Mr. Fred Leist a letter asking if he would be interested in writing about his ... Read More »

New Employee Health Clinic Promises Big Savings


BY MILES MAGUIRE One of the messages that you could take away from last month’s elections is that Americans do not have a great deal of faith in government. They turned against Democratic candidates in one state after another and made it clear that whatever benefits they were supposed to be enjoying from the signature achievement of the Obama administration--health ... Read More »

Walking Without ‘Treppa-dation’

The Locatelli family filled a picture as well as a room. Joan Locatelli, front and center, had a lot of trials and tribulations awaiting her, before she would come to the realization as an adult that ‘my mission in life must be to provide a voice of hope for those who are forgotten as well as a voice of inspiration for all others to remember.’ Photo courtesy of Joan Treppa.

BY Denis Gullickson What can one person accomplish? A whole lot, if you follow the story of Joan Treppa — a story of determined footsteps that have led to miles of success. Let’s start with the recent “Walk for Truth and Justice” at the Brown County Courthouse on Saturday, October 25. That walk — the fifth annual — was first ... Read More »

The 2014 TONY Awards


BY TONY PALMERI This 13th (!) annual TONY Awards column for excellence in grassroots media work is dedicated to those citizens who in a midterm election year provided alternatives to what was mostly shallow and shameful establishment press coverage of Wisconsin’s contests for governor, congress, attorney general, state legislature, and other offices. The SCENE’s collaboration with public access television’s Eye ... Read More »

The Six-Year Itch


By Dennis Riley November 4 was a pretty rough night for Democrats. Some of the blame has to go to Madison—James Madison. With a lot of help from his “friends” at the Constitutional Convention that summer, James Madison gave us a system that created a separation of power, overlaid it with plenty of checks and balances, and seasoned it with ... Read More »

A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carol


The beauty of the season and the soaring treble voices of the Appleton Boychoir come together in A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. A spectacular community tradition for generations, the concert brings the best loved songs of Christmas along with the splendor of the ceremony. Modeled after the famous Kings College festival, which was first present in Cambridge, England ... Read More »

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