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Wild Mushroom Risotto


BY Davies Wakefield Risotto with Morel Mushrooms and Pinot Noir My mother used to tell me about her childhood in Eureka, Illinois during the depression when she would go out into the woods on the Pifer’s family farm to hunt for morels. In those days the family never ate the morels fresh, but dried them and used them in chicken ... Read More »

Starting a New Adventure

Sam Caligone

BY Steve Lonsway As we start out on our newest adventure, beer writing that is, we try to imagine what will keep the reader’s attention through the end of what we have put forth. We found this to be a fantastic opportunity presented to us by The Scene. Taylor and I are part of the Brew team of Stone Arch ... Read More »

Chocolate, Diamonds Star in ‘Fantasy’ Event

Sweet Treats cupcakes team stands ready to greet chocolate lovers at the 2014 Chocolate Fantasy event.  This year’s event, the 19th annual Chocolate Fantasy, is set for January 25.

Soroptimist Chocolate Fantasy Gala Jan. 25 By Renee DuFore Russell Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they run a close race with chocolate. On Sunday, January 25, chocolate and chocolate diamonds will pair up as the main attractions at Chocolate Fantasy. This showcase of all things chocolate is sponsored by Soroptimist International of Fond du Lac. Held at ... Read More »

From the Wine Cave


BY KIMBERLY FISHER Another year is upon us and there is no need to stop your journey into the world of wine. Embrace your strides in 2014 with exploration and dabbling with varietals you may not have considered before. To start 2015, let’s take a deeper look into the wines of Washington State. There are 11 American Viticulture Areas in ... Read More »

You spent how much at the grocery store?


BY Tricia Derge Are you still spending too much money even with coupons? Maybe that’s because some of your own shopping habits are making you buy more and spend more. Here’s a list of bad grocery shopping habits you should get rid of once and for all! Not checking what’s left in your pantry and fridge: Before you head to ... Read More »

A Day With Eagles Along the Fox River


BY DICK NIKOLAI AND DONNA VANBUECKEN Have you ever seen a bald eagle? If not, here’s an opportunity to get the chance to do so. On January 17th, volunteers for “A Day with Eagles Along the Fox River” invite you to join them at various locations along the Fox River to explore the best eagle viewing spots. Most locations are ... Read More »

Forecast of the 2015 Sturgeon Spearing Season

Brian King is a director of the main chapter of SFT, he speared this 155.0 pound fish, 76.4” on February 10, 2014, registered at Jim and Linda’s (Pipe).

BY Ryan Koenigs I don’t know where the time goes, but it seems like just yesterday I was writing a similar article to hype the upcoming 2014 sturgeon spearing season on the Winnebago Pool Lakes. Now here I am in December of 2014 drafting another, chronicling the successful 2014 spearing season and forecasting the 2015 season. Spearers experienced favorable spearing ... Read More »

Winter’s Fun in the Cold


BY Michael Mentzer I’ve got a warm feeling in my heart for ice. I don’t mean the variety found in a cocktail glass, even though that does have a certain glow of its own about it. I’m talking about the sweeping fields of ice on nearby lakes, especially the vast expanse of Lake Winnebago, and the countless miles of ice ... Read More »

New Year: Same Game?


By Penny Barnard-Schaber Here we are entering the New Year of 2015. January is always an exciting time for me because I am able to look forward to the upcoming year while also taking time to reflect on the past year. January holds many hopes and expectations for all of us. We probably all hope for peace and success in ... Read More »

Violence Is Not Protest


By Robert E. Meyer The United States has had a long history with the ugly stains on its collective conscience of racial prejudice and institutional discrimination, particularly against African-Americans. Few of us in the middle class will ever be in a position to understand or empathize with the plight and frustration of inner city youth who belong to racial minorities. ... Read More »

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