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BY Marty in the Morning

Since the rip-roaring comedy “The Interview” is now put on hold, and I don’t have to review that, I find myself with time on my hands to kick off the New Year! And what better way than to recap a few things that we closed the year with!

JustSayin_TrophyFirst off, shame on you if you missed the inaugural “Sturgeon Cup” Championship that was played at the Blue Line Ice Rink in Fondy, featuring inter-city rivals St. Mary Spring’s and Fond du Lac High School. I’m not quite sure how far back this contest goes, but in the spirit of “squaring off against each other,” we got to thinking, “Why don’t these 2 teams play for something?” I mean, Wisconsin and Minnesota play for the Ax (OK, that’s a poor example. Since Wisconsin wins it every year and Minnesota simply participates.) But you get where I’m going.

After some careful thought, and what seemed like an eternity in the planning process, we decided that since the two teams play on ice, and it’s a fight to the finish, it had to have some level of bravado attached to it. After about 4 minutes, I decided to call it “The Sturgeon Cup”, and thus a new tradition was born. Thanks to Kevin Deering and Ryan Sarazin from Fond du Lac High, and Kyle Krueger and Tim Ahern from St. Mary Springs, we were able to secure a unanimous “OK” to roll the Sturgeon Cup plan out that very week.

Off I went to Hopper’s All Star Trophy in downtown Fond du Lac. You remember how Norm always was treated to a friendly welcome every time he walked into Cheer’s? Yeah, not so much when I stroll in, because Dave, Mark, John and the rest of the professional staff know that there’s always work to be done when I enter! I proceeded to explain to the Hopper’s crew what my “Sturgeon Cup” vision looked like. And despite numerous eye-rolls from Michelle, and a couple of sideways glances from Kim, there was an actual opinion given that this JUST might work! Dave Hopper darted off into the back room, and came out with a wonderfully crafted wooden base in one hand, and a beautiful Gold cup in another, and exclaimed “I’ve been WONDERING what I could with these pieces!” And so the Cup construction began.

One quick trip to Tuffy’s on North Main, where I was able to secure a fierce-looking foam sturgeon, complete with spear already inserted, and we were almost finished with our design. And we still had a whole day to go before it needed to be finished.

JustSayin_HockeyTeamThe completed project, while majestic in stature and a prize worthy of being displayed in ANY trophy case, is still very much a work-in-progress. I mean, I thought we had a pretty sweet-looking trophy, until I walked in to pick it up and it was sitting next to the Cowan Cup. Now I have Trophy Envy…I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of fishing and sturgeons, I did see the other day that the Navy is pretty stoked about rolling out its new Shark Drone. I’m sorry, seeing the photos of this thing, I actually would take the shark from “Jaws” a bit more seriously than I do this drone. And excuse for me asking, but isn’t the whole purpose of a drone supposed to be somewhat secretive? As in, you don’t really want the opposition to see or know of your tricks up the sleeve? …I’m just sayin’.

I saw this recently while preparing for the Morning Show. A new report just released said there are 6.8 billion people on the planet currently. Only 3.5 Million of those people use a (wait for it, wait for it) A TOOTHBRUSH! Only thing I can add is “ewwwwwwwwwwww”!

Here’s hoping you got more than just a box of “Cow Poop” in your stocking for Christmas! Hey, don’t judge. There’s an actual company called “Cards Against Humanity” that sold 30k of them for the Holidays. And you’re sitting there thinking, “I KNEW someone would steal my idea.”

Just Sayin’ is a monthly article written by Marty in the Morning. Marty is the owner of Martini Media and Head Bee Keeper/General Manager/Morning Host of B-104.7. Marty can be heard Mornings from 5a-10. To be included in the next round of Just Sayin’ or to add your own witty banter, Marty can be contacted at

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