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Censored in 2014


BY TONY PALMERI At the start of the digital age, many media critics hoped that the Internet would usher in an era in which it would be almost impossible for news censorship to occur. The hope was rooted in optimism that elite corporate media, if for no other reason than their own survival, would channel their resources towards giving greater ... Read More »

Loving Those Three-Day Weekends


BY ROHN BISHOP Ugh! January 2, the worst day of the year! As a Wisconsinite I have always disliked the long winter grind from January 2 to about mid May. It just feels like spring never really comes to Wisconsin, and it’s cold, dark, and there isn’t a whole lot to do outside. I’m even one who likes the winter ... Read More »

Richard Verhoeven


BY Ron La Point “I started dancing at five,” were the first words that came rushing out. “I had a heart murmur when I was young and the doctor thought dancing lessons would be good therapy.” “I liked dancing from the start but didn’t like to practice. My mother, who was the disciplinarian, made me practice. When I wanted to ... Read More »

The High Cost of College Impacts Us All


BY PEG LAUTENSCHLAGER In 2013, 70 percent of college graduates in Wisconsin ventured into the world of work with college loan debt, ranking our state fourth in the nation for graduates with loan debt. Indeed, about one third of Wisconsinites who hold baccalaureate or advanced degrees—no matter how long ago they finished school—are still paying off college loans. Nationally, college ... Read More »

Just Sayin’


BY Marty in the Morning Since the rip-roaring comedy “The Interview” is now put on hold, and I don’t have to review that, I find myself with time on my hands to kick off the New Year! And what better way than to recap a few things that we closed the year with! First off, shame on you if you ... Read More »

VOCATION (vō-ˈkā-shən)


BY Scherryl Antoniadis Once upon a time, long, long ago . . . when I was a young girl of 5 or 6, I set my mind on becoming a ballerina when I grew up. It was a dream that I am sure was, and still is, shared by many girls of that age. To prepare for what I was ... Read More »

Concert Watch January 2015


WHAT: Firefall with Pure Prairie League WHERE: Meyer Theater, Green Bay WI WHEN: 8 PM Friday, January 23, 2015 COST: $35 and $40 INFO: | Colorado-based rock band Firefall was named after the Yosemite Firefall, the tradition of igniting a huge pile of logs and pushing the embers off a cliff in Yosemite National Park, creating a glowing ... Read More »

2015 Launchpad


The 2015 Launchpad band application period is open until February 6, 2015. Bands can go to to sign up for this only statewide music competition in the nation for high school garagebands of all musical genres. We appreciate any opportunity you may have to give a shoutout to the local high school garagebands in your backyard that the 2015 ... Read More »

Paul Biemann

Blue in the Face (circa 1994) L-R: Bob Jennings, Mike Benign, Pat Basler, John Carr, Andy Buck, Paul Biemann, Ed Spangenberg

By Blaine Schultz You may have seen him playing bass in any number of bands over the last few decades or even tooling around on his vintage Triumph Bonneville motorcycle when the weather permits, but odds are best you have seen Paul Biemann running the soundboard at Milwaukee’s Shank Hall. In November Shank celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the opposite ... Read More »

Electronic Devices – Necessary Evil?


By Barb Sauer Have you ever seen someone glued to his or her electronic device, and wondered, “Why don’t you go outside? You should get out of the house and go somewhere with your friends.” Certainly cell phones, pads, and video games can suck people away from socializing and living life through real experiences. I’m beginning to feel they have ... Read More »

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