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Al Jarreau…Still Making Music


By Jamie Lee Rake “What I haven’t done yet is my next studio project.” So says Al Jarreau, Wisconsin’s most internationally recognized name when it comes to jazz singing when asked of his future plans. Mind, the man’s musical career goes back over a half-century, and he’s at the age when many men are in their dotage or greeting at ... Read More »

Barrel Aged Cocktails


See those barrels sitting to the right of Cannova’s Pizzaria bartender, Alan Kolbeck? They’re more than just countertop decorations. Each is the canister for a unique mixture, a combination of professional drink mixing expertise and old fashioned brew-mastery Kolbeck calls barrel aged cocktails. J: Let’s first talk about what the idea behind all this is and tell me a little ... Read More »

Trapped above Ice: Snowpiercer


By Richard Ostrum One of the better things I took away from the past year was this curious, multi-cultural genre hybrid going by the slightly clunky moniker of Snowpiercer. The film, which claims its genesis in a 1980s born French illustrated novel, Le Transperceneige, charts the arduous journey from impoverishment to social and living-space improvement of a collection of rough-hewn ... Read More »

Hot Music in a Cold Month


By George Halas After New Years’ fireworks fade into memory, there will be musical fireworks in the Fox Cities throughout the month of January. It will be a big month for one of the hottest bands in the area, The Traveling Suitcase. Fresh off breakout performances at last summer’s Mile of Music, the trio led by singer/songwriter/drummer Nicole Rae, featuring ... Read More »

Worth the Drive: Iola Winter Sports Club


BY WILL STAHL People are familiar with the idea of downhill skiing as a destination sport, and it’s not unusual to hear them say they are going to Brule, Granite Peak, Indianhead or even Colorado. When the subject of cross-country skiing comes up, and I ask where they go, it is most often the city park, the golf course or ... Read More »

Wedding Vendors Converge for Brides-To-Be January 8th


The first wedding show of the season happens Thursday, January 8th at the Holiday Inn in Fond du Lac. The area’s largest and most convenient wedding planning expo, Bridal Faire 2014, will boast over 40 wedding vendors and an interactive fashion show featuring designer gowns and tuxedos from Edith’s and Tuxedo Junction. Attendees will have a chance to win amazing ... Read More »

So, It’s Come to This: A Writer’s Self-Interview


BY NICK OLIG Short of roaming the streets, hollering through a megaphone—which is really more of a summer activity—there is little I won’t do to promote a book I wrote. When I relayed this sentiment to my editor at Scene, his response was unexpected. In essence, he said, “Go interview yourself.” I took that as a positive since there were ... Read More »

Game of the Month: Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom


By James Page Developer: Little Orbit ESRB: Everyone 10+ Release Date: 11/18/2014 System: Nintendo 3DS/PC/PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita/Xbox 360 Rating: Graphics: 3.0 out of 4.0 Game Play: 3.0 out of 4.0 Personal: 2.0 out of 2.0 Total Score: 8.0 out of 10. Player’s Page: “Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom” It’s time for an adventure, so grab your ... Read More »

Model Railroading: Fun for All Ages

The Waupaca Area Model Railroader club will bring this portable layout to this year’s Arctic Run model railroad show and sale.

By Merry Dudley It’s easy to fall into a post-holiday funk, especially in the frigid weather we normally “enjoy” here in central Wisconsin during January. But the Central Wisconsin Model Railroaders (CWMR) club has the perfect antidote to your blues — a train show that both adults and children will enjoy! On January 17-18, the CWMR will hold its 18th ... Read More »

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