Flannel John’s Tailgating Grub & Couch Potato Cookbook

grub_bookHungry for some Cheesehead Straws, Long Bomb Nachos, World League Wings, Frozen Tundra Chili, Razorbacks in a Blanket, Woody’s Buckeyes, Gang Green Punch or Seven Blocks of Granite Dip? You’ll find these recipes and more than a hundred others in Flannel John’s Tailgating Grub & Couch Potato Cookbook.

Author Tim Murphy understands the connection between the biggest game of the year and gastronomic perfection. That’s why he’s penned this football-themed cookbook.

“Whether you’re in the parking lot of the stadium, hunkered-down in the man cave with friends or flying solo in that old recliner, the right food makes the game that much better,” says Murphy.

The 140+ recipes for snacks, drinks, desserts and meals in the book are infused with the spirit of the gridiron, past and present.
Murphy has two favorites. “I grew up in Chicago so I gave a nod to Mr. Ditka with ‘Da Coach’s Pork Chops’. I also named a dessert for the greatest football moniker of all time, Emerson Boozer. That is just a rock solid, tough, snot-knocking name and player. He played for the Jets in the seventies. So I’ve named the ‘Emerson Booze Balls’ after him.”

Tim Murphy has written 23 “cookbooks for guys” and one “Prepper” book. Six more culinary collections are planned for 2015. He has books for at hunters, fishermen, vegetarians, bacon-addicts, burger fiends, campers, single guys, mountain men, college students, the kitchen-challenged, hot dog lovers, wild game enthusiasts, rock & rollers and more. What started out as a joke for cooking-impaired friends has grown to a popular niche.

“I wrote the first one for friends. They would go to deer camp with beef jerky, cheese and beer. Aside from the olfactory assault and heart-stopping properties, the camp needed food with substance. They needed dishes that were easy and quick to prepare because we (men) are lazy and hungry whether we admit it or not. The first one sold so well, I knew I was on to something,” says Murphy.

Who is Flannel John? “He is based on a few old hunters I knew from Michigan’s upper peninsula,” says Murphy. “I wanted to honor their spirit and what they taught me. He is part Babe Winkelman, Red Green, Grizzly Adams and crusty mountain man.”

Who is Flannel John? “Flannel John is based on a few old hunters I knew from Michigan’s UP

Tim Murphy is a 25-year radio veteran who spent 18-years hosting morning radio shows in Alaska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wyoming and Michigan. He hosts a morning show in Astoria, Oregon and is the Operations Manager for Ohana Media Group. Murphy is a freelance writer. His work has appeared in Backwoods Home Magazine, The Porcupine Press U.P. Magazine, National Lampoon, The Traverse City Record Eagle and ABC Radio Network. All books are available at and at For additional information, author interviews and photos contact Tim Murphy at (701) 238-1775 or at

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