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BY John Price-Kabhir

If this column is published, I am certain many readers will think I am a crackpot. That’s the judgment of the public at large when confronting someone who is truly curious and sincere about the notion of extra-terrestrials visiting our planet. I believe we’ve been hosts for sentient beings from places other than Planet Earth, for thousands of years. Yes, we have been visited not only since the Roswell Incident of 1947 CE, but from time immemorial, back before the civilization as we know it came to be.

Very simply, there are few explanations more plausible than “alien technology” to produce the constructions of such things as pyramids and the huge stone structures in many places all over the world. Even the cave paintings of the ancients depict beings coming from the skies.

Even as a young fellow, I looked to the heavens with penetrating curiosity. My foundation has been spiritual, but I’d never known why I had such lifelong interests in UFOs and visitors from elsewhere. Now, some 50+ years later, I know why I am interested, and why there’s a connection for me between spiritual awakening and travelers to our planet from origins other than ours.

People with whom I’ve practiced Christianity and Buddhism, Taoist, and Hindu thought would likely dismiss my interest in UFOs as foolish and childish. I’ve kept an eye out concerning ET lore for many years, mostly by reading and following people proclaimed as experts in this non-mainstream field. But last night, at about 4:00 AM, I finally understood the connection between my spiritual seeking and interest in beings riding the time-energy-light-gravity highways from wherever to here.

When I was in my early 20s, I wrote a novella about twin brothers, one a monk and the other a nuclear physicist. The monk looked inside himself; the physicist looked to the cosmos. Finally, the each came to realize they were seeking the exact same thing by different methods.

For a long time, I dismissed the idea of UFOs on the basis that the distances between planets and galaxies were far too great to permit vehicles to transverse those distances. But here’s a riddle for you: We are taught the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That’s not true. Can you figure that one out?

I’ve sifted through virtually all the so-called experts on extra-terrestrials, and it is a fellow named Bob Lazar, a nuclear and propulsion specialists and former employee at Los Alamos, a site credited with the development of the atom bomb, who finally explained to me in a recorded interview how other-worldly creatures could get from there to here. It’s all about gravity. If the mysterious power of gravity, that glue holding all things together, can be harnessed, the notion of distance disappears.

In simple terms, we view speed based upon rear-end thrust. Power unleashed from behind propels things with rapidity commensurate with mass and volume, refereed by gravity.

But imagine a bowling ball on a large soft bed. If weight pushed down in front of the ball on the mattress, it moves forward with no exertion and no explosive power. If gravity can be harnessed in front of the ball on the bed, it moves in relation to the downward slope exerted. And there is no fire, no fuel.

Of course, we don’t yet know how to do this, but if we did, we could move at virtually any speed and get from here to there with no rear-end explosive energy. If the issue of speed and distance were resolved, could not the question of time also follow suit? I haven’t figured that one out yet.

But the most dramatic epiphany I’ve had over the matter occurred while listening to an interview on You Tube with Phillip J. Corso, Jr. Mr. Corso said when all was really known about the journeys of ETs, it would be part of an awakening of humankind regarding its place in the cosmos. He said it wouldn’t simply be a visitation of beings from other planets. Rather, it would involve people realizing our place in terms of what we are. The “visitation” would be a reckoning of our place as sentient beings. Put simply, he asserted that we would come to a realization about our lifetimes and our place in the vast spread of things. Words fall short of a complete explanation, and indeed using words to depict what this all means is words cannot frame things truly as they are.

Of course, lately, cosmology extends beyond the “universe” as we think it is; indeed, we can ponder the notion of multi-verses and traveling beyond time and space. The limitations of what I thought were the universe have dissolved in notions that our universe, however impressively vast, is limited and theoretically tiny in comparison to what things might be.

The breakthrough for me is that I now understand why I have been so captivated by UFOs and their sentient crews. I have come to realize that I seek answers to life’s questions transcending how things seem to be. I realize being a living, breathing being melds the bodies we inhabit and the times and places where we live. It’s so much more than philosophy and technology, nature and science. If we can attain a daily understanding of our existence, philosophy and ideas, theories and schools of thought, all will evaporate in a lifelong embracing of life. We’ll embrace life well beyond formal practices and live by just being.

As I stood in my modest little kitchen after my spiritual breakthrough, watching a bit of snow drizzling down outside, I wondered why I hadn’t hosted beings from other worlds. For a few seconds, I admired the so-called abductees, those supposedly taken and examined by alien beings. As a major expert in the field of alien visitations, James Fox, says, you can’t just invite them in for a beverage around the kitchen table. They’re far too different from us. I actually felt I might have a heart attack if an ET visited me. Would I be ready for such a shock?

I realize my proverbial neck is way out on the chopping block for submitting this column. But I am at least calmly ready for that. It would be much more risky to have first-hand personal contact, if such a thing is even remotely possible. I realize this whole column is based on assertions without proof.

John Price-Kabhir is an ordained Zen Buddhist householder. He welcomes your input at 920-558-3076.

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