April elections and, Did the GOP commit treason?

By Rohn Bishop

Attorney General, Brad Schimel, likes to remind his audience how a bill becomes a law, using the “School House Rocks” cartoon as his example. It goes something like this:

“First, a bill passes the Assembly; if it passes the Senate in the exact form; it goes to the Governor’s desk. If the governor signs the bill, it becomes a la………a lawsuit in Dane County Court!”

The left’s attempt to circumvent the legislative process by using activist liberal judges, who see themselves as “super legislators” instead of judges interpreting the law and constitution, is why these spring judicial elections have become so important.

There is no better example of liberal activist judges than, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. On April 7, we can do something about it.

The non partisan spring election has two important reasons to get a conservative out to vote.

State Supreme Court race between Justice Ann Walsh Bradley and Judge James Daley

An amendment to the state constitution that changes how the Chief Justice of the state supreme court is determined.

rohns_rantsDaley vs Bradley
The race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court pits long time liberal justice, Ann Walsh Bradley, against Rock County Judge James Daley.
Daley served as the Rock County District Attorney when he was appointed to the bench by Governor Tommy Thompson in 1998 and he’s been re-elected five times. In 2013 the Wisconsin Supreme Court named Daley as the Chief Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit, where he established three specialized diversion courts, a drug court, a veteran’s court, and an OWI court.

Judge Daley is also a decorated war hero, enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps; he served in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” Device for Valor, the Purple Heart Medal, a Meritorious Mast, and the Combat Action Ribbon. Following his service overseas, Daley served the Wisconsin National Guard for 30 years.

Then we have incumbent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, who’s helped to turn the Supreme Court into something of a circus.

It was Justice Bradley, who during their discussions about Act 10…snapped, and in a rage of anger charged at Justice Prosser in an apparent attempt to harm him. Justice Prosser put his hands up for self defense and the justices had to be split apart. Then Justice Bradley lied about the event, leaking to media outlets that it was Prosser whom attempted to “choke hold” her!

Justice Bradley has repeatedly ignored precedent, the constitution, and the law in a fledgling attempt to undercut the conservative legislature and governor. Most notable are her attempts to overturn the governor’s reforms, mitigate our Second Amendment Rights, and to block our Voter ID law.

Justice Bradley has become an embarrassment on the high court.

Defeating Justice Bradley will be no easy task and is unlikely. Only two justices have been defeated for re-election since World War II… “Loop Hole” Louis Butler in 2008, and in 1967 a challenger defeated incumbent Justice George Currie. Currie lost his bid for re-election after he allowed the Milwaukee Braves baseball team to relocate to Atlanta. (As a baseball fan I’d have voted against him too!)

On April 7, vote for Judge James Daley. For an independent fair minded conservative Supreme Court justice.

Constitutional Amendment
Currently the chief justice of the state Supreme Court goes to the longest serving justice on the court. This amendment would change that, allowing the justices to elect their own chief.

This amendment comes after years of frustration with the current chief justice, Shirley Abrahamson. Her inability to get along with justices has helped to make our court slow, dysfunctional, and a joke. Allowing the justices to elect a chief is a way to make the chief justice accountable to his or her peers. This would put Wisconsin on par with 22 other states and should make the court more efficient and effective.

Did GOP Senators commit Treason?

In early March, 47 Republican Senators signed an open letter to the leadership of Iran, reminding them that any “deal” Iran was to strike with President Barack Obama could be terminated on January 20, 2017…the first day of the next president’s administration.

The White House, democrats, and the news media were indignant; Nancy Pelosi was so hot her plastically enhanced face started to melt.

“Treason!” they roared.

Did the Republican commit treason? No.

Article 2 of the constitution states, “He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the senators present concur”

As usual Obama is ignoring both the constitution and the congress, a co-equal branch of government. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he is not negotiating a treaty, but a “legally binding plan.”

“This is clearly a treaty,” Sen. John McCain said, “They can call it a banana, but it’s a treaty.”

President Obama seems hell bent on letting Iran have a nuclear weapon. This notion terrifies many of us, who believe that Iran’s leadership is so dangerous, so nutty, that if they get nuclear weapons, they will use them. There will be a second holocaust and a third World War fought this time with nuclear weapons.

No, the Republicans didn’t commit treason; they’re trying to save the world from a nuclear Iran. The Republicans are trying to sound an alarm, an alarm no one wants to hear. But, at least their letter brought attention to the “treason” being committed by Obama and Kerry.

In 1953 America executed the Rosenberg’s for secretly giving nuclear technology to an enemy, the Soviet Union. In 2015 the president does it in plain sight!

Rohn W. Bishop is a monthly contributor to the Scene. Bishop, a former member of the Waupun City Council, currently serves as Treasurer for the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County.

Contact Rohn: email: Twitter: @RohnWBishop

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