Finally! The Cadbury Creme Burger!

CADBURY-BURGER-PICYou’ll have to travel some to find it, but at long last a bistro has created an edible “Heaven on Earth.”

A west London restaurant has dreamed up an Easter-inspired burger topped with a melted down Creme Egg.

The Creme egg burgers, being served at the K West Hotel & Spa, in Shepherds Bush, are made with a sweet brioche bun dipped in white chocolate.

Inside the bun is a chocolate patty made out of a gooey melted crème egg, as well as mascarpone cream, and a helping of strawberry jelly.

The calorific sliders, available at the Studio Kitchen restaurant in the hotel, cost £5.50 ($8.00) for a portion of two, or as part of the Spring Rocks Afternoon Tea starting from £22.50 ($33.00) per person.

Each burger contains roughly 530 calories, adding up to 1,060 calories when served together – more than half the recommended daily intake of calories for a woman.

Afternoon tea diners can also enjoy other Easter inspired treats such as mini hot cross buns, quail scotch eggs and savory sliders.

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