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Dine Hawaiian


BY Jamie Lee Rake Hey, Pee Wee Herman fans! Remember that episode of his Playhouse where he was in a tizzy over who he should invite out with him for the Hawaiian meal he won? If you’re anything like me and have been wondering since then where to get that grub without having to buy a plane ticket to our 50th state ... Read More »

Ryan Steiskal


BY Amber McCord As a successful independent artist I always have appreciated my teachers and mentors from elementary school through college. They have always produced motivation and induced inspiration and creativity. I owe a lot of my success to these wonderful people in my life. Apparently most artists do. One in particular Ryan Steiskal. Steiskal is an emerging artist who ... Read More »

The Color Morale Good for What Ails Kids

A young man in a wheelchair is supported by the crowd as he ‘surfs’ during a Color Morale concert.  The act is symbolic of the band’s messages of hope and support.

By Renee DuFore Russell Devin King’s first big “Pinch me, I must be dreaming” moment struck as his band, The Color Morale, walked on stage and was greeted by 1,500 cheering fans. “It was in Maryland, my second tour with The Color Morale,” King remembers. “I was used to seeing maybe 300 people,” he said, reminiscing about the days before ... Read More »

Great Memories: Waterfest Retrospective in Pictures


By George Halas Over the past 30 years, Waterfest has grown from a good idea into a full-blown summer music series that is one of the highlights of the season in Oshkosh every year. In addition to bringing some outstanding national acts and showcasing the best local talent, Waterfest has generated other positive outcomes as well. “I’m convinced Waterfest is ... Read More »

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