Testicle Festival

testicle_festivalTwenty five hundred people will journey to Dundas, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 16th for the annual Testicle Festival. That’s right… Testicle Festival, where large numbers of people come to enjoy a true delicacy, deep-fried testicles.

According to Linda Fassbender, owner of 2 of a Kind, one of two drinking holes in Dundas, “We skin’em, slice’em, bread’em, and fry’em, and I can only say that if you ain’t afraid to try’em…you’ll love’em.” That day more than 240lbs of testicles will be prepared for the masses to enjoy.

“It takes experience and skill to prepare a good tasting nub. You don’t want it to be stringy, too juicy, or chewy, it has to be tender and prepared with our secret spices to have the perfect succulent treat,” say Fassbender.

“We have people from all over the state and from all walks of life come to this yearly event. We have a large number of motorcycle enthusiasts, local farmers, and people who love live music join in, and each year the event gets bigger and bigger,” explains Tara Erickson, the owner of the other bar across the street appropriately named, The Nut Haus.

The Testicle Festival was first held at Debbie’s Dundas Inn starting back in the early 90’s, and as the crowd grew, the bar across the street took in the overflow. Today Fassbender and Erickson have decided to work together to make the event even better. “People who attend will only have to pay one cover charge. For $5 you’ll enjoy some great live music and eat as many testicle nuggets as you want,” Erickson said.

The street between the two bars will be closed this year for the first time since the event started about 25 years ago. And the two establishments will be working together to host this unique event.

“This year we have a 100×60-foot tent that will be erected for the live music. We have two bands scheduled to play. The first band called the 18 Days Band will play from 3:30 – 7:30 p.m., and the second band will be Half Empty starting at 8:00 till around midnight,” explained Erickson. “This is usually the first festival of the year for most, and we have it rain or shine. We will start serving about 11 in the morning for the early testicle enthusiasts and keep frying until we are out of nuts.”

In addition to testicles, each of the establishments will be serving “regular food.” Hot turkey and beef sandwiches served on a Kaiser bun will be available at The Nut Haus, and Two of a Kind will have its complete menu available for those interested in different fare. Both places promise to have plenty of ice cold beer on hand.

Dundas is located in Calumet County in the town of Woodville. It is an unincorporated community that really has just two bars in it. It is located on the corner of St. John Rd. and Dundas Rd. You’ll see the tent from there. Be careful it is rumored the testicles are an aphrodisiac and make people do crazy things. Enjoy.

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