The Democrats: A History of Shame

A_JACKSONBy Rohn Bishop

In May, we Republicans will gather in La Crosse for our annual convention; which reminds me that back in March I took to social media to commemorate the birthday of the Republican Party.

I wrote: “On this date in 1854 a group of abolitionist met in Ripon Wisconsin to form the Republican Party. 11 years later they’re dream to end slavery would be realized with the passage of the 13th amendment to the Constitution.”

The response from liberals wasn’t surprising, “That was Lincoln’s Republican Party. Today you guys are a bunch of religious zealots, corporate sellouts, racist, homophobic, sexist, knuckle dragging, anti-science, war mongering, treasonous, backwards thinking goofs!”

This onslaught of liberal compassion and desire to coexist with a different view point got me to thinking about the two political parties and their histories. I’ve written about the great history of the Republican Party; it’s why I’m a Republican today. Great leaders like Lincoln, Everett Dirksen, Thaddeus Stevens, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan.

I’ve never written about the history of the Democrat Party. It’s a history the public schools don’t want to teach, the media doesn’t discuss, and most American’s don’t know. It’s a history of treason and racism; it’s a history of shame!

Kill those Indians
Democrat President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, forcing the relocation of five Indian tribes, known as the trail of tears. The Supreme Court ruled against Jackson, but Jackson was a Democrat, and the law doesn’t apply to Democrats. Today liberal’s pretend to atone for this human tragedy by opposing Indian nicknames for sports teams.

The party of James Buchanan and Roger Taney wasn’t exactly anti-slavery. In fact, when slavery was threatened, Democrats, lead by Jefferson Davis, committed treason and created a new country, a Democrat utopia called the Confederate States of America.

Democrats opposed Lincoln, opposed the war, and wanted peace at the expense of tearing apart America and allowing a slave holding Confederacy. Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments too.

Following the Civil War black Americans were voting Republican and electing black Republicans to congress, this atrocity so outraged democrats that they formed the Ku Klux Klan to keep blacks from the polls, thus returning the democrat party to the party of dominance for a hundred years in the south.

The KKK was a great place for Democrats to launch political careers, and allowed the Democrat Party to install Jim Crow laws to help keep the “colored” man in his place. These laws would remain in place until the late 1960’s, when Republicans were finally able to splinter the Democrat majority, and get Civil Rights Bills through the congress!

Segregate the black kids
For decades Southern Democrats segregated schools, “Separate but Equal” schools for white and black kids, today Democrats continue to segregate kids; having climbed into bed with the education establishment to oppose school choice. The choice initiative, started here in Wisconsin by Governor Tommy Thompson, allows poor black kids an opportunity at a better education. Alas, Democrats stand in the school house door, demanding that those black kids attend failing, crime ridden, hell holes of inner city public schools, while Democrats send their children to the best private schools we have.

It’s as if Democrats want an ignorant black population.

Death to America
Democrats seem to have affection for America’s enemies: from secession in 1861, to defending communist spy Alger Hiss, to releasing terrorist prisoners from GITMO, Democrats are always helping the enemy.

In the 1960’s Democrats got stuck in Vietnam, only to run off and protest the war on Richard Nixon’s first day in office. Then, in the 1970’s Democrats cut funding out from under President Ford to ensure a communist victory in Vietnam. During the 1980’s democrats repeatedly undercut President Reagan, with secret letters from Senator Ted Kennedy to General Secretary Yuri Andropov, to John Kerry meeting with Daniel Ortega to help communism spread to Central America.

In 1991 former President Jimmy Carter traveled to the UN to undercut President Bush’s attempts to build a coalition to unseat Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, and just like with Vietnam. Democrats supported removing Saddam Hussein in 2002, only to run off and protest the war when the going got tough.

Today’s Democrats led by President Obama, are implementing policies to turn our military victories into defeat, while surrendering the Middle East to ISIS, assuring those who hate America a safe haven to expand their empire, while at the same time Democrats are working to allow Iran a nuclear bomb!

Same ‘ol party
The same Democrat Party that put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, opposed Civil Rights, destroyed black families and America’s inner cities with welfare payments, is the same party that today opposes school choice for poor kids, wants to amend the First Amendment to shut down opposing political speech, all the while they’re nationalizing the internet, healthcare, school lunches, and mucking up the Middle East
It’s the same Democrat Party that defends Bill Clinton’s treatment of women, defended Ted Kennedy’s murderous drunken behavior, defended slave owner’s treatment of blacks, defended FDR’s treatment of Asian-Americans, and Andrew Jackson’s treatment of Indians.

From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama, the Democrat Party has a history of shame.

Rohn W. Bishop is a monthly contributor to the Scene. Bishop, a former Waupun City Council member, currently serves as treasurer for the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County

Contact Rohn:Email: Twitter: @RohnWBishop

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