Eating Dark Chocolate at Work INCREASES Productivity

CHOCOLATE_WORKFinally, some facts to back up what I’ve been claiming forever!

If you start feeling soporific at work today, this new study might perk you up.

The group of now pimply-faced scientists from Northern Arizona University have conducted a study, and concluded that eating a piece of dark chocolate may activate your brain in a way that helps increase your levels of attention.

They enlisted 122 study participants, (why they didn’t call me…I don’t know?)

Using electroencephalography (which is a fancy way of saying they attached wires to their 122 heads) they then examined the participants’ brains after eating dark chocolate, as well as checking their blood pressure.

They found that the people who consumed the dark chocolate (60 percent cacao) exhibited the signs of alertness and attentiveness, while raising blood pressure for a short period of time.

But, they also gave some subjects dark chocolate with an amino acid that’s found in things like green tea…and even though chocolate is a stimulant, the L-theanine amino acid seemed to lower blood pressure and still improve alertness.

Conclusion: Dark chocolate is good.

Another study they could have simply asked me about, but instead spent oodles of money, expended a lot of time and effort, and never once extended an invitation.

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